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Labyrinth (Original) by Pinbotic

SS Original Table FP Labyrinth (Original) by Pinbotic v1.01

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Solid State Machines
by Pinbotic
at 2010-06-06
Type Original

Labyrinth game for Future Pinball utilizing the manual-ball-roller feature.
Pre-Game Set-Up:
Go to "Preferences" -- "Game Keys and Controls..." and set the manual ball roller to mouse.

After launching the table, press "/" (above the keypad) to enable the manual ball roller mode.

Playing the Game:
Navigate the ball from the start to the finish following the black line in the least amount of time. If the ball falls in one of the holes it will be sent back to the beginning. There is a five second delay after finishing the maze to record your score and post it at www.vpforums.org

Created By: Pinbotic
*Modifications to this table are allowed so long as the username Pinbotic is included in the table author field as well as this text field.

Have fun!
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