Lady Death (Geiger, 1983) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation Lady Death (Geiger, 1983) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by Luvthatapex
IPD No. 3972

A conversion kit for Bally's 1978 'Mata Hari'.

Making A and B score and advances the lit A-B value.

Ball in top hole score 3000 points and 3 bonus advances.
2nd time lites 2x bonus and left bottom outlane for 50,000 pts.
3rd time lites 3x bonus and left bottom outlane for 50,000 pts.
4th time lites 4x bonus and left bottom outlane for 50,000 pts.
5th time lites 5x bonus.

Knocking all targets down scores 50,000 and lights special.

1 extra ball for all targets down when lit for special and 50,000.

50,000 points for making A and B when lit for special.

Maximum 1 extra ball per ball in play.

Tilt penalty Ball in Play.
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