Lizards in the City (Original)

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Solid State Machines
Lizards in the City (Original) v1.0


Light in/out lanes for ballsaver.

left loop channel doubles point each hit while lit.

Light lizards to open right hand flipper lane kicker. Hit kicker to activate Lizard Rampage. Every three seconds the right hand centre kicker will launch another ball for ten balls! (NOTE only five balls on table at any time, if you already have five the machine will wait three seconds and retry until all ten are released.)

Lizard Walk mode:
Hit the target near the left slingshot to activate mode, lighting the target. Hit that same target again to commence the Lizard Walk Mode. The target scores an addition 5k on this hit and sets the next goal as a flashing light. Hit that goal for 10k additional, then the next for 20k, then 40k, then 80k, then 160k, then finally 320k to complete the walk. From the second strioke of the first target, you have sixty seconds to complete the walk before it all resets.

The kicker on the platform near the top of the left ramp is a looped scoring mode. First hit scores 500, second scores 1000, third scores 2000, fourth scores 4000, fifth scores 8000, sixth scores 16000 seventh scores 32000, and sets the wall lights flashing, retaining the 32k value for the rest of the ball.

No mode will launch additional balls if there are five or more balls already in play. Modes will either not trigger or not launch if you have too many in play already.

' Music: Hard Sell Hotel by Shane Ivers -
' Music: Robotertanz by Shane Ivers -
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