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Lucky Seven (Williams, 1978) VP8 by Apocalypse

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Lucky Seven (Williams, 1978) VP8 by Apocalypse v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by Apocalypse
IPD No. 1491

At the start of each ball, the bonus value is set to zero and the drop targets score 1000 points. The rollover switches score 1000 points, advance the bonus value, and change the bonus reel. The advance bonus targets score 1000 points and advance the bonus value. The top left stand up switch scores l0) points and the bottom right stand up scores 50 pOints. The spinner score 10 points, or 100 points when lit. The left and right kickers score 10 points. The inside left and right rollover switches score l000 points and advance the bonus. The outside rollovers score 3000 points. The change left, center, right reel targets score 1000 points and cause that reel to rotate 1 position.

Certain combinations of reels cause a reel value lamp to light. When both drop targets are knocked down, this value will be added to the players score and the drop targets will be reset. If the double bonus, extra ball, or special lights are lit when both drop targets are knocked down, the player will be awarded double bonus, extra ball, or special, based on the table settings.

3 Clovers=20,000 + extra ball
3 horseshoes=20,000
3 diamonds=30,000
3 sevens=30,000+ special

Extra ball won durring the course of the game is played immediaielv after the player's regular ball enters the outhole. When the ball enters the outhole, the bonus score is added, the left and right reels are advanced one position and the ball is ejected. The player up light flashes to indicate the next player. The bonus score is reset to zero and all other scoring is set to normal.

After the last ball is played, Match nuimbers appear where the ball in play digits were. If a match occurs, an extra credit will be awarded. The game over tune Good Night Ladies will play and the game over lights will light. The high score to date will alternate with the winning players score only and the winning player's up light will flash.

If a player's score exceeds the current high score to date, three credits will be awarded and the game will play 1812 Overture, and the high score light will remain lit.

A player has three~ chances before the plumb bob tilt tilts the ball in play. The buzzer sounds to warn the player of the first two plumb bob tilts. The third tilts that player's ball. The ball roll and playfield shake tilt switches tilt the ball in play immediately. The super slam till on the coin door sets all players scores to zero and returns the game to game over status.

If coins are inserted and the maximum~ number of credits is exceeded, the credit will be posted correctly but the coin lockout coil will be dc-energized until the remaining credits is below the maximum.

Note that many settings are operator adjustable.
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