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MixPin (Original) VP8 v1.0

Somehow I'm both impressed and disappointed by this table at the same time. MixPin certainly has a beautiful layout and some sweet, rendered lighting going on. It's a fast, challenging table with a variety of things to do, heavy on the chained-shots.

Where it immediately falls short is in the lack of theme, labels, and fun elements to draw the player in. It also features very tricky slingshot and in-lane play, making it frustratingly easy to lose balls at a moment's lapse. For sure, I'd recommend lowering the slope from 8.5 to something a bit kinder, as well as going in to the script and giving yourself five balls instead of three. You'll need them(!)

Overall, this is a tremendously cool template of a game, but it could obviously use some tweaking and expansion. A rulesheet wouldn't hurt, either. Note: there may also be some unsquashed bugs when playing in VP8, such as balls in the plunger lane showing through the table top, as well as balls sometimes getting stuck in the middle-left return ramp. --@Ike Savage
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