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Pinbot 200X (Original) VP8

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Pinbot 200X (Original) VP8 WIP

This is some beautiful agony in a high-tech, snow-blind dimension. Hah! In other words, it's quite a cool table with some interesting visual and design ideas.

Technically this table may only be a "WIP," but there's some good challenges and fun to be had, here. Unlike the standard three-ball setup, you start with only one ball and must earn more through careful play.

It's not too hard to keep the ball alive, but that's balanced by the shots being fairly tricky to hit, especially given that many of them are timed. In fact, you might want to go in to the editor and increase the timer speeds to give yourself more of a chance.

I found the game enjoyable and somewhat frustrating, trying to work through the various mysteries of how to make progress and advance the modes. The general progress indicators are quite low-key, and you have to learn to spot them. Mostly that adds to the unique charm of the game.

The music is trippy techno with some fun voice modulation worked in.

Like SER's other tables, this game would make a fantastic base to keep working on. --@Ike Savage
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