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Pabst Can Crusher (Stern 2016)

EM Original Table FP Pabst Can Crusher (Stern 2016) v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Electro-Mechanical Machines
Pabst Can Crusher (Stern 2016)
IPD No. 6335

Pabst Can Crusher table made by shawna, plastics, sound, and scripts by ghost. Game is simple. Only 8MB zipped file.

Game has been tested for a few hours. Should play fine. If ball sticks try space bar. Should not have any ball sticking.

Free to mod, add to, or whatever.

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Latest reviews

Good table.
Weird flex by Stern to making a "retro" table in 2015 (Whoa Nelly) and weirder flex to modding it
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I'm really happy to see this here. I've had a chance to play the real game and here's how this table compares. This table looks great, just like the original, but there's some big differences in gameplay. This table is too generous with points. In the real table I often have games under 1,000. My highest was 2,600. Also in the real game, whenever the ball is waiting to be plunged, the area around "200" in the top right is flashing, and it gives you 200 points if you make the shot. The bumper at the top I think is always flashing. This table doesn't give the advertised points on a lot of the shots, even the 10 between the flippers. This table also seems to have joke music and sound effects. I couldn't really hear the table I played in person so I have no idea what it sounds like. Thanks for making this and I look forward to any future versions!
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:pinball: Can Crusher.
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