Rock and Roll Pinball (Original) by CaptBlackwood

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Solid State Machines
by CaptBlackwood
at 2011-05-16
Type Original

My first table for Future pinball. Features 3 drop target sections, Lanes for points, Bumpers with bonus opportunities and extra ball chances1 coin = 3 ball game.
Rock and Roll Pinball

By CaptBlackwood

This is my first attempt at a table for Future pinball.

It's very basic with nothing fancy.

Lanes at the top of the table are 30 Points when lit

Bumpers are 10 points a hit.

Drop "ROCK" or "ROLL" for top bumper bonus (50 Points)

Drop "BALL" To activate Lane for Extra Ball. (blue light on right inside lane.

Drop targets are worth 50-200 points depending on which one you hit.

Top bumpers are worth 50 points when the red lights are on.

NOTE: If you want to change it...just let me know.
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