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Rocket Derby (Original) by CrimsonTurtle616

SS Original Table FP Rocket Derby (Original) by CrimsonTurtle616 v1.2

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Solid State Machines
by CrimsonTurtle616
at 2013-03-19
Type Original


A completely original table with a sci-fi racing theme.

Everything you see and hear was created by me (Ben Simon aka MagicTurtle643 on YouTube and CrimsonTurtle616 on PinSimDb.org). Original art, music, concept, play mechanics...etc.

I hope you enjoy! Feedback is appreciated!

Version 1.2 Changes:

- Improved the backglass for better resolution and added the Dot Matrix to it as well.

- Added a new moving model, a tank that drives up and down the table when you start the game and when you engage in battle mode.

- Re-mapped the Rocket Toy texture.
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- You are a professional intergalactic racing pilot. Win as many races as you can while simultaneously completing challenging missions assigned by the race operators. The more you succeed, the more you will be paid.

- Rocket Races: Every time you achieve a combo or some other tricky maneuver, your ship (green ball) will advance down the track on the right side of the table. Try to beat the red ball on the left side of the table.

- Courses: Dock in the Courses Runway to access special races. Shoot the ramps lit by red, orange and yellow rocket arrows to win.

- Missions: Dock in the Mission Hanger up the left ramp race track to accept a challenge, including Solar Circuit, Petrol Panic and Multiball.

- Battle Mode: Land in the Garage three times to light Battle Mode. This will unlock a special destruction derby mode. You must defeat three war machines designed for battle. The Laser Tank, Blade Tank and Shield Tank.

- Rewards: Beating races, battles and missions will unlock various bonuses including lighting the moons, activating the bottle rocket, and warp drive. Defeating tanks will activate the repair kit and other target bonuses on the upper right platform of the table.

- Artifacts and Upgrades: Winning races will light the artifact and upgrade lights. Collect 10 priceless astral artifacts to earn an extra ball. Ship upgrades will increase your end of ball bonus, multiplied by your victories

- Rush Race: Fly through the far left lamp four times to start a Rush Race. Fly through once more within 20 seconds to win and increase power. More power means better payout for every subsequent Rush Race.

- Gambling: Running the center track will place bets with tokens. 1 token will bet on a Rocket Race and increase your winnings by $1000. 2 tokens will spin the roulette, which bets your jackpot value. 3 tokens spins the slot machine, which provides a chance for bonuses and rewards, such as activating the Wormhole and Nuclear Boost.

- Satellites: Shoot the right race track four times to send satellites into orbit. Destroy all five satellites to start the Space Station orbit around a bumper.

- Super Spinner: The spinner in the Outer Space lane will activate for 30 seconds after you successfully complete a race, battle or mission. Points are determined by power level.

- Batteries: A battery target will pop up every time you enter the Mission hole. Collect five to power up the super spinner.

- Rocket Toy: On the left side of the table you'll see a rocketship. Hit this rocket five times to make it take off into space. Once the rocket has lifted off it will be out of the way for the upgrade target. Hit this target to activate the Upgrade Chance, which will give you two minutes to make it into the Garage for a bonus multiplier, which will be multiplied by another multiplier for every race you win. So if you increase both multipliers substantially you can get a muliplier multiplied by a multiplier and cash in a lot of points.

- Ship Types: Every time you enter the Garage, you will change which ship you're flying. The little screen by the flippers will indicate what ship you're using. Each has their own advantage. One ship will make ramps and lanes worth more points, others will increase bumper values. The blue ship will even save your ball. The dot matrix will let you know what the bonuses are with each ship so you know what shots to try for.
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