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Scared Stiff (Midway, 1996) VP9

VP9 Bally SS Recreation Scared Stiff (Midway, 1996) VP9 v1.1

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Scared Stiff (Midway, 1996) VP9 v1.1
IPD No. 3915

Based on the Scared Stiff table from Bally made in 1996, with some additions like the skull pile lights and the boogie dancers.

This is the normal 4:3 version, with @highrise's pictures for the spider wheel and the backdrop lights. They are available during the game when you press the up cursor. Releasing the key the table shows up again.

The table itself is nearly angle independent, with only the top of the bony flippers made with a reel. So if you change the view you'll need to change the position and/or size of those two reels. In the beginning I wasn't going to add them, but I found out it is better to have them in a fixed position than to don't have them at all.

New in 1.1
- fixed some bugs (script errors)
- made the table faster and it uses less video memory.
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Another great table from my favourite sexy goth milf!

These are the adjustments I did to it in the editorin order to play it Desktop 16:9

Inclination 52; FOV 40; X Scale 0,9999; Y Scale 1,22222; Y Offset -10; Z Offset -75. Select leftbone and rightbone and set their image attribute to "none".
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