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Solid State Machines
by kaiser47
at 2014-02-03
Type Original

My first table "creation" ever. a mod of spongebob squarepants. easier to start with a good table for a first try.

i hope you will like it.

This table is a mod of :
SpongeBob English Version REV 2.6


to pinballmaniac2010 and anyone having the missing fpl problem :

apparently, this table needs the Sci-Fi Classic SND.fpl wich

1- was absent from the original spongebob package.

2- and also i forgot i already had it on my system, since the moment i tried the "sci-fi classic" table from the software author website(, like many other futurepinball users i guess.

that is the reasons it is not included whith my spawn table.

if you need it please get it here :


for the rules, check the pictures associated.
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Great table. Just played spongebob as well and you can see the similarities but you did a great job creating this table. You really made it your own. I have an issue with scores showing up in desktop view, but i'm sure it's one of my settings I have to mess around with. Table let me enter my initials at the end of the game so scoring is ok. Just need to figure out what I did to mess this up so id doesn't show. I'm sure it has something to do with pup player or something. anyways. keep up the good work.
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