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Splatterhouse (Original)

VPX SS Original Table Splatterhouse (Original) v1.52

No permission to download
A horror game based off a video game this pinball game includes 2 ramps and models and kicker. Everything tested and working the left ramp sometimes kicks the ball back and the kickback still needs to be scripted and flashers needs some improvement. Splatterhouse is licenced by Namco Bandai Games Inc. and this is just a fan made game free download from free online sources. The ramps could also use some railings so they look better maybe in a later update.

The soundtrack is also from free websites and cover songs so if you plan to upload gameplay video the music could trigger a copyright claim. This game is free to modify just repost mods or updates with credits to original author.

Game works with any version of Visual Pinball no additional programs or files to move around is needed. Enjoy.


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You have some incredible ground work here, and lots of potential! Nice work on the "bones". I would love to see a ruleset, table progression, and some of the sounds moved from table to backglass, but you did some really good work here. Look forward to your work!
Thanks for comment.
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Nice, I had to tweak the p.o.v. though
that's fine I made p.o.v big to fit my screen.
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