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Subway (Gottlieb, 1966) VP921 by Robair

VP9 Gottlieb EM Recreation Subway (Gottlieb, 1966) VP921 by Robair v1.1

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Subway (Gottlieb 1966) VP9.21 v1.1 by Robair
IPDB No. 2412
3,200 units (confirmed)​
City Living​
Add-A-Ball [?]
Mechanical Backbox Animation [?]
Notable Features:
Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (4), Passive bumpers (2), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (3), Rollunder (1). Mechanical backbox animation (subway doors open). Wide flipper gap.​
Design by:
Art by:
Compare playfield layout to Gottlieb's 1961 'Flipper Fair'.

Subway and its replay version, Gottlieb's 1966 'Cross Town', were the last Gottlieb games to have the manual ball-lift. The Italian model is Gottlieb's 1966 'Subway (Italy)'.​
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  2. Subway (Gottlieb, 1966) VP921 ver 1.1

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