The Dukes of Hazzard (Original) by saecrow

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Solid State Machines
by saecrow
at 2013-06-01
Type Original

Based on the original TV series The Dukes of Hazzard

Ride along with the Duke boys as they complete the Hazzard County Circuit with the key components of every Dukes show - the Duke Farm, Hazzard Garage, Boars Nest, and of course the Hazzard County Jail run by Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane! Complete with speed trap, hot pursuit, and Hazzard County's version of a parade where anyone with a car is involved in the chase.

Thanks to koadic for the "random selection of a sound from a bank of sounds" assist and to Popotte for the "ball ID" assist!
Complete the Hazzard County Circuit in sequence:
Light lane rollovers to spell D U K E S to
1. Open Farm lock to lock Farm
2. Open Hazzard Garage lock to lock Hazzard Garage
3. Open Boars Nest to lock Boars Nest
4. Open Hazzard Jail to lock Hazzrd Jail

5. After all stops on the circuit have been locked, complete D U K E S one more time to begin the "Hazzard County Parade" - multiball mode

Inlane triggers light the lights on the inlane surfaces and 6th time will light the outlane detour and arm the kickback

Hit the "Accelerator" target by the Garage entrance to increase speed and up the RPMs. Hitting the playfield ramp with the General Lee will activate the x3 light for a short period of time and will boost speed/RPMs 3x the regular hit if Accelerator target is hit while flashing. Get up to the posted speed limit of 65 and watch out for the Speed Trap just past the Boars Nest! - (posted speed limit is now 35!) Speed Trap light will blink for a short period of time and if the General Lee enters the speed trap just past the Boars Nest, you can be sure Rosco won't be far behind in a two ball Hot Pursuit multiball!
Rosco can help light lane rollovers but cannot be used to complete a lock or increase RPMs and the General cannot lock or increase RPMs during Hot Pursuit.
If the General drains during Hot Pursuit there's a little surprise for Rosco as a motivation to continue playing as him even though he cannot lock.
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