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The Lost Golden Tomb of Goldballs (Original) by mellowman

SS Original Table FP The Lost Golden Tomb of Goldballs (Original) by mellowman v1.9

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Solid State Machines
by mellowman
at 2010-08-01
Type Original

FP Physics 1.0

An ancient castle had a door activate and lead.......to a 400 foot tomb below of gold. By the time the military arrives, its more than they can handle. The gold is driving men and women to greed when we should find what some have seen since the door activated. They saw moving goldballs.....and dead zombies and a dragon.....monsters and more gold with tall walls of encased gold. Even portals?..... Some are running insane and overtaken or changed. Team focus on getting a goldball and leaving. Reports say there may be a way to transport out of the bottom of this deep tomb.
Find a way to activate the portals so that team members and some gold with the goldballs can be transported.
Get out alive and transport in drones that are bieng dispatched.
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