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Three Angels (Original) by BlindMankind, centinex

SS Original Table FP Three Angels (Original) by BlindMankind, centinex v1.666

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Solid State Machines
by BlindMankind , centinex
at 2008-12-31
Type Original
FP Physics 2.6

here are times, when mankind's future is at sake, an Angel comes down from Heaven.
When mankind played fool too much, an Angel comes down from Heaven.
When its candle seems to fade away, an Angel comes down from Heaven.
When the clock is near to strikes midnight, an Angel comes down from Heaven.

It seems that Heaven is keeping an eye over mankind, after all. It may be a blind mankind, it may seems, at first glance, to be worthless of a savior; but, where Evil guides Man's step through his own history made of fear, Hope is its counterpart to lead them to a better future. Demons carry fear with them. Angels carry hope.

So, when Evil, bored of all the little pathetic everyday blasphemy of humanity, decided to put an end to everything by blasting Earth and sending its legions of demons, Heaven tries to, again and once for all, fight back to carry hope again.
For this last task, Angels will have to go down in Hell itself. A dangerous task, almost impossible.
One Angel won't succeed it.
Two Angels neither.
But Three Angels may!

Today is the Day. Hell has unleashed their Hordes. And the Three Angels are here to stop them.
But they need someone to help them, they won't succeed alone. Can you fight with them...?

Awaited since Earth creation, awaited since someone have stolen fire from Gods, BlindMankind Pinball reveals today Three Angels, the long awaited update of the most famous pinball machine of all times.
It is now out to bring Hell to Earth, the Prophecy accomplished....
And the Future of Earth is on your own hands....
Mods of this table :
Zedpinball Physics 1.0: Three Angels 1.666b
Three Angels ULTIMATE 1.02 Physics 2.6

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