TRON DISCO-THEQUE (Original) by rom

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Solid State Machines
by rom
at 2011-09-13
Type Original

Rules are not that complex:
1) POPUPS (blue lights): to keep the ball in play, activate the drop targets on the left. This will activate the popups.

2) ACTIVATE the 4 colours in dropping down the right drop targets. After that the game begins. You just have to follow the blinking arrows to figure out what to hit next.

3) MULTIBALL (red arrows). Shoot the ramp. (maybe there will be a recognizer blocking your way, who knows...) After a certain amount of hits, multiball will be activated. Up to 7 balls in play.

4) EXTRA BALL (green arrows)- shoot the tunnel 2 times and then hit the arcade. (Extra ball keeps your progress saved for another ball) Otherwise everything will be reset to begin when the ball is lost.

5) Bonusscore Orange (orange arrows) speaks for itself.

6) Bonusscore White (white arrows) speaks for itself.
Other changes:

-completely redone the tron arcade can and the recognizer models,

-added 5 shapemodels (quorra, sam, rinzler,...)

-added leaf targets to fill up the empty spaces,

-added dmd (very basic, nut it is there),

-active backglass with logo,

-added the ornament cabs,

-higher scores,

-...and certainly forgot some things I added (but hey, I am chaos...)
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