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VP9 Support File VPinball921 Full 2020-01-28

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Author: Randy Davis, Noah Fentz, Chris Leathley, Mark Parris, Jerry

Full installer for Visual Pinball v9.2.1. This will associate all VPT files with Vpinball921.exe.

What's New in Version 9.2.1 (See full changelog)
- this is the final release to be based on DirectX 7
- add "To Collection" to the context menu to assign a selected element to a collection
- add moving of single selected collection in the collection manager
- add CurrentAngle() function to the gate object
- add "Is Toy" checkbox to disable collision handling on mesh primitives completely.
- add collision detection to mesh primitives together with hit threshold and hit event
- add Z offset to the backdrop options. With this settings you're able to zoom in/out the table without changing FOV/Inclination/Layback settings
- add Z scale option to the backdrop options. With this setting you're able to reduce/increase the overall depth of a table.
- add table dimension manager for an easy way to calculate real table dimensions into VP table units and vice versa
- add a ball throwing feature to VP. To use it check "Throw Balls in Player" in the debug window (ESC -> "Debug Window") and by left clicking and holding the left mouse
button you create a new ball and it throws the balls in that direction you move the mouse cursor when you release the left mouse button. If you click on a non
moving ball you can reuse that ball and no new calls will be created. A right click on a ball will remove that ball from the table.
- add touch support for tablets (windows 8 and upwards)
current mapping:
upper left - add credit
middle upper left - left magna save/2nd button
middle lower left - left flipper
lower left - start
upper right - quit (press for 2 seconds to exit VP completely)
middle upper right - right magna save/2nd button
middle lower right - right flipper
lower right - plunger
- add Alpha-Flasher element. Use this element to add (additive) alpha flashers instead of abusing the alpha ramp element. The flasher is a 'dynamic' element, that means it is not pre-rendered
and it'll be updated every frame.
If 'Display Image In Editor' option is selected and the flasher is rotated the image won't rotate due to a DX7 limitation.
If the flasher is not an additive alpha flasher you can colorize the image with 'Color' if you don't want that effect set the color to blank white (RGB 255,255,255).
- add height offset to bumper element
- add additional (optional) parameters to PlaySound to increase/decrease the frequency, apply all the settings to an already playing sample and choose if to restart this sample from the beginning or not
all parameters are now: PlaySound "name",loopcount,volume,pan,randompitch,pitch,useexisting,restart
pitch can be positive or negative and directly adds onto the standard sample frequency
useexisting is 0 or 1 (if no existing/playing copy of the sound is found, then a new one is created)
restart is 0 or 1 (only useful if useexisting is 1)
- per table setting of adaptive vsync (-1 = default, 0 = off, 1 = automatic detection, anything else: refresh rate in Hz)
- change per table settings for AA, FXAA and ball reflection (-1 takes the default from the video preferences, 0 forces off, 1 forces on)
- tweak key input code to save one frame (or more?) of lag
- change the old 'Physics Max.Looptime' setting to 'Physics Max. Loops'
it allows to specify the maximum number of iterations spent in the physics update.
by setting it f.e. to 1, the rendered frame updates will -always- match the physics updates, everything above 1 allows for multiple physics updates per frame
(2, 3 or 4 can be good values for this, as it slows down the physics temporarily if the FPS drop below 50, 33 or 25 in these cases).
- import/export of global physics options sets
- import/export of local/table physics options sets (that could then be reused globally of course and the other way round)
Note that for local/table export the first found flipper is used to export the flipper physics settings (and for import all flippers will be assigned with the same settings)
- add optional ball trails/motion blur (also adjustable per-table)
- add script option 'DisableLighting' for balls to disable lighting. This also allows to change the color of the ball via 'Color' directly
- add enabled flag to flippers
- separate/new texture maps for the lighting of lights (more details) and bumpers (brighter)
- fix problem with DMD/VPinMAME window being hidden behind VP window
- secondary/backglass sound output (by DJRobX)
if a sound effect contains 'bgout_' in the name or '* Backglass Output *' in its path then it is played via the secondary sound output (music always)
this can also be done with existing tables by using the new 'To BG Out' button in the sound manager
- script editor updated to use latest scintilla (3.3.9)