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Winter Olympics (Original)

SS Original Table FP Winter Olympics (Original) v1.01

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Solid State Machines
by BigDraco
at 2006-03-02
Type Original


This table has been updated for Future Pinball Version 1.5.20060416 released 17th April 2006 - You MUST have this version to play this table.


This table was designed to celebrate the 2006 Winter Olympics.

You have 5 competitors (balls) with the aim of getting a gold medal for each competitor.

v1.01 features a game mode that allows you to select the difficulty level. The harder the mode, the more points you get!

Download size: 10 MB

Welcome to the Winter Olympics!

Naturally enough, the object of this table is to win medals!

Here's how to do it...

You have 5 competitors (balls) and the aim is get all 5 competitors winning a Gold Medal
(If you succeed - the game ends)

Medals are won by lighting the lights O.L.Y.M.P.I.C. G.A.M.E.S. which snake down the table and then shooting the podium stairs (to the right of the playfield next to the pluner release lane)

Lights can be lit in a number of ways:

Hit the bank of 4 drop down targets: Lights 1 letter each time you drop the lot.

Hit the rotary target. Each separate target lights a separate letter.

Compete in the 5 special events:

There are 5 special events (Figure Skating, Bobsled, Giant Slalom, Speed Skating and Ski Jump). There are 5 sink holes
that will light up the corresponding lights. Enter a sink hole and you 'compete'. The judges will decide how well you
did (but you can lose points here as well if you 'wipe out' (fall)).

Compete in each of the 5 events and go up the winners podium (the stairs on the right of the table) and you will enter
the TEAM EVENT (Multiball). During the team event you can rack up a lot of points and letters but you can't go to the
winners podium during a team event.

Once all letters are lit, go up the podium to collect your medal. You start by winning a bronze, then a silver then gold. Once you have won a gold medal, that is the end of that competitor (ball) and you start again with your next competitor.

Special Events

As well as the 5 events, there are 2 special events


To enter this event, hit the captured ball 5 times. You then have a minute to hit the ball as many times as possible. Letters are added by how well you did:

Between 4 and 7 hits - 1 letter added
between 7 and 9 hits - 2 letters added
10 or more hits - 3 letters added

So it pays to be a sharpshooter!

Cresta Run

Mount the podium 4 times and then shoot the Cresta Run (Cresta Run is the circular area half way up the table on the left).

Shooting the Cresta Run will add 2 lights. The Cresta Run is closed until you mount the podium 4 times and closes again once you shoot the Cresta Run.

Other Features

Ski Lift: No one wants to walk up a mountain! Shooting the single drop target in the upper centre of the table opens
the ski lift (diverter to return you back to the plunger lane). The ski lift also opens when you shoot the Cresta Run.
The ballsaver popups up when you hit the ski lift.

G.O.L.D. In/Outlane triggers. Light G.O.L.D. to add a letter but beware - if you wipe out or perform badly in a
competition, the lights are reset!


On winning a bronze, your competitor can then try for a silver then a gold. As well as winning a medal, your score is
boosted too!

Gold Medal : Worth 5,000,000 points
Silver Medal : Worth 3,000,000 points
Bronze Medal : Worth 1,000,000 points

So you can get a high score AND win medals! If a competitor wins a medal, it is shown on the centre lights and above the podium.

So how many golds can YOU win?
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