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World Championship Snooker (Original) by 69king, docam

SS Original Table FP World Championship Snooker (Original) by 69king, docam v1.1.0

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Solid State Machines
by 69king, docam
at 2010-04-15
Type Original

This is updated 1.1 from original 1.0 by Noah Neumann ("69king").

- Fixed bug for multiple players (same snooker points, same locked ball and more).

- Added new announce sounds for snooker points (coloured balls) and end of frame (from WCS2005).

- Added two table modes: private and shared. Use [Special2] key during attract to toggle. Red bulb above plunger when ON means the "snooker table" is shared between players.

- Added top right HUD, for break and snooker frame scoring (see documentation).

- Reworked tilt and tilt warning routines.

- Added some not-rendered guides to avoid stucked balls (on apron, on diverters) due to bumper and flippers!

- Renamed table objects, unused timers removed, other added.

- Script cleaned, some optimizations are made, now the code is more easy to read.

- Reworked displayed messages during attract mode (added lastest scores, and hiscore).

- Only required score/snooker points displays (on backbox) are turned on, depending number of players (unused players' displays are turned off).

- Updated documentation (World Championship Snooker.txt)
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