1. LtJazz

    Bally SS Recreation BAM FP Cirqus Voltaire (Bally, 1997) - v2 Modded Edition v2.0

    IPD No. 4059 BAM is required This is my first FP table. I therefore count on your indulgence... (including about my english) It's a mod of the FP table Cirqus Voltaire v1.01 (Bally 1997) released by VictorKPM in 2010. I couldn't reach VictorKPM to ask permission to release this mod...
  2. LtJazz

    Bally Recreation BAM FP Cirqus Voltaire v2 (Bally 1997)

    Last year I discovered FP and I played a Cirqus Voltaire recreation table for FP released in 2010 (author VictorKPM). I enjoyed the gameplay and I liked playing this table. However, I thought the graphics could be improved. So, I started to edit some textures. Then, having found graphic...
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