CiRQuS VoLTaiRe (Bally, 1997)

Bally SS Recreation BAM FizX FP CiRQuS VoLTaiRe (Bally, 1997) v3.0b

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IPD No. 4059
Powered by BAM (by Ravarcade), FizX (by JLou5641) & EasyMatrix
BAM and the 4GB patch for both FP and BAM are required (read further installation prerequisites)

CiRQuS VoLTaiRe v3 for FP is not a direct evolution of CV v2 I published in 2021. It comes from a parallel project carried out by RwL on the same basis as mine (CV v1.01 published by VictorKPM in 2010). RwL no longer having time to work on his project, Gimli challenged me to continue and complete the development.
Given the quality of work already done by RwL on the layout, the toys, the models, the translite and the playfield, I agreed to take up the torch with the aim of delivering a table of consistent quality in all its aspects : DMD display, sounds and music, lighting, immersion, rules compliance, physics, finish...
In the end, thanks to the advice, support and experience of my Pinball Nirvana colleagues, CiRQuS VoLTaiRe v3 is much more elaborate than v2...

Credits and thanks :
  • LtJazz & @RwL (CiRQuS VoLTaiRe v3)
  • VictorKPM (CV v1.01)
  • @Gimli : support; help for using BAM; help for capturing DMD animations and creating animations fonts (it gave me a few months of work : thank you, guy ! 🤨)
  • @GeorgeH : support; inspired me an idea to colorize the dmd; supply of all game music and sounds (it gave me a few extra months of work : thank you too, guy ! 🤨)
  • @Gin : help for capturing and processing DMD animations; warned me that it would be very (very) time-consuming
  • @ravarcade (BAM author)
  • @JLou5641 (FizX author)
  • WPC-Emu website : used for capturing DMD animations from CV ROM
  • Sebek74 (gfx2dmdf author) : gfx2dmdf is an excellent and intuitive software used for creating animations fonts
  • ... and all Pinball Nirvana members who have supported me or whose topics have taught and inspired me

Technical requirements :
Tested under Windows 10 with BAM 353 at 1680x1050 on a "veteran" desktop PC i7-4790 (3.4Ghz) / 16 GB DDR3 / GTX 1660 Super
Some table characteristics could cause unexpected problems on weaker PC :
- the table physics was tuned with XML physics settings recommended for FizX
- EasyMatrix (DMD manager) refreshes the DMD display in a loop every 11ms
- the table may play many sounds and music simultaneously
- the table permanently uses 6 or 7 flashers which generate shadows and reflections on the ball (NB: BAM raycast shadows feature cannot be used on this table)

Not having a pincab, I couldn't test the table in this configuration. If someone sets the table up on its pincab and likes it, i will be grateful if he send me a photograph (not a screenshot) of the pincab running the table.

Installation and startup :
1. Prerequisites
The 4GB patch for both FP and BAM (delivered with the table) is required. Otherwise, the textures will not load correctly (textures will appear black).
FP should be configured to use 7 hardware lights (in FP editor : Preferences => Video / Rendering options => Hardware lights to use = 7).
2. Installation
The table comes with 1 FPT file and 6 ZIP files ("Tables" folder), 10 snapshots ("Snapshots" folder) and 2 PNG pictures ("wheel" folder).
Each ZIP file contains an improved 1K ball model (from FizX by JLou5641) and a color set to colorize the DMD (dot colors). Each ZIP file is suffixed with the name of the corresponding color set (Amber, Spring, Summer, SummerOld, Autumn and Winter).
For installation, copy the FPT table file and the 6 ZIP files into the FP "Tables" folder without extracting contents of the ZIP files. Rename the FPT table file with the same name as the ZIP file corresponding to the desired color set (by default, the table is suffixed Autumn).
You can install multiple instances of the table each having a different color set by duplicating the FPT table file and renaming it with the desired suffix. Example (1 table with the Amber color set and 1 table with the Autumn color set) :
CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Amber color set.fpt
CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Amber color
CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Autumn color set.fpt
CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Autumn color
Note : each instance of the table will run as a different FP table (with its settings and high scores list).
3. Setup
At 1st launch, the table automatically initializes the DMD base color corresponding to the Autumn color set. If you have chosen another color set, it is necessary to modify the DMD base color in the Cirqus Voltaire settings menu so that it conforms to your choice (otherwise, the DMD could displayed inaccurate colors).
NB : the settings menu opens automatically at 1st launch. During subsequent launches, you may enter settings menu just after starting using the plunger key (follow instructions displayed on the DMD).
If you have installed several instances of the table, it will be necessary to configure the DMD base color in the settings menu for each instance.
You may modify the table loading picture in FP editor Table Info menu in order to adapt it to your screen format (16/9 or 16/10), the loading picture being available in 1920 x 1080 (16/9) or 1920 x 1200 (16/10).
4. Adjusting the sound volume
NB : at 1st launch, FP "sound" volume and FP "music" volume settings are automatically initialized at 25% (5 bars). This setting is not taken into account by FP dynamically. It will be effective the next time the table is launched or if you manually adjust the 2 volumes with the FP defined keys.
CiRQuS VoLTaiRe v3 uses the 8 FP music channels and the FP sound channel. Some sounds (voices, mechanical sounds,...) are played on a music channel which offers more controls than the sound channel. The sounds and music volumes having been balanced relative to each other, make sure to always keep the same level for FP "sound" volume and FP "music" volume settings, otherwise the game sound experience will be disappointing.
When launching the table, if FP "sound" volume and FP "music" volume have been set differently, a warning will be displayed on the DMD to let you know.

Settings explanation :
Balls per game
As indicated by its name... (default = 5)
Pinball version : Standard(default) / LtJazz MOD
Read further note about the 2 versions
Difficulty level : Hard / Standard(default) / Easy
The setting changes probability of losing the ball in outlanes, ball bounce on flippers and flippers ball control
Game timers : Standard(default) / Extended
When activated, some timed sequences have an increased duration of a few seconds
DMD color set : Classic Amber / Spring / Summer / Autumn(Default) / Winter
Read the setup instructions above
Lighting (2 predefined lighting atmospheres) : Twilight / Midnight(Default)
The lighting atmosphere changes the textures lighting in a differentiated way taking into account exposure to global illumination and playfield static shadow map
NB : it is not recommended to activate BAM's predefined lighting modes (example: night mode)
HDR effect : value in % (default : depending on the lighting setting)
It changes permanent flashers intensity which accentuate local luminosity (under slingshots plastics, flippers plastics and ringmaster plastics)
Ball shadow : None / Static(default)
When activated, a diffuse static shadow appears under the balls and the caged ball.
NB : the shadow is very diffuse because static shadow is visually inaccurate when the ball goes behind transparent textures or toys textures
HUD DMD : On / Off(default)
When activated, a 2nd HUD overlay DMD appears at the top left of the screen. Display on this HUD is strictly identical to that of the playfield DMD
View angle : Shift+F1 to Shift+F8 (default = Shift+F1)
Default camera view angle in desktop mode to see the entire playfield and the playfield DMD (replaces standard FP camera views)
Zoom effects : Random zoom On(default) / Random zoom Off
Randomly activates a zoom effect in desktop mode during some game sequences (only if there is a single ball on the playfield and if it's immobilized : no game disruption)
Ringmaster mask : a choice of 10 textures (default = Cirqus Master)
Feature only available if MOD version activated. It changes the Ringmaster texture (but not the 3D model)
Eye tracking : Ball not tracked / Ball tracked(default)
Feature only available for standard Ringmaster mask (Standard version or LtJazz MOD version with Cirqus Master mask). When activated, the Ringmaster's eyes are constantly following the ball (only if there is a single ball on the playfield)

MOD version vs Standard version :
Standard version :
DMD animations inspired by ROM version 1.3
Additionnal features (compared to real pinball) :
settings menu
no crédit sound
magnet capture sound
some menagerie hit sounds
neon jackpot sound
amazing Roonie success sound
one more to juggler message & sound
n more to strike-an-arc message & sound
cannon award sound
ringmaster jackpot grows sound
shoot again sound
ball launch sound after ringmaster defeated
ball launch sound for ringmaster or strike-an-arc multiball
ball launch sound after juggler ball capture
ball launch sound after hiwire ball capture
check cirqus/cirqus complete (after winning a marvel) animation & sound
draining balls (when game is over) message & sound
sideshow closed message & sound
go for skill shot message & sound
hit targets wow message & sound
shoot the ringmaster message & sound
boom balloon bumper rising sound
S.P.I.N progress background animation
S.P.I.N hit sound
boom balloon bumper, S.P.I.N, sideshow gift timer countdown animation
free game sound
high scores screen sound
Possibily inaccurate features (compared to real pinball) :
ringmaster quotes associed with events
female quotes associed with events
MOD version :
Additionnal features :
ringmaster quotes associed with events : some additions
female quotes associed with events : some additions
ringmaster : additionnal textures & animation
ringmaster hit : additionnal sounds
ringmaster defeated : additionnal sound
ringmaster weakened : additionnal sound
ringmaster strengthened : additionnal sound
good luck granny : message & sound
sideshow the hat trick : additionnal sound
superspinner ready : animation & sound
strike-an-arc multiball hit : additionnal sound
hiwire 3rd ball lock : additionnal sound
juggler ball lock : additionnal sounds
S.P.I.N progress : additional background animation
boom balloon bumper, S.P.I.N, sideshow gift timer countdown : additional sound
boom balloon bumper end of timer : additional sound
boom balloon bumper, S.P.I.N, sideshow gift or multiball success/failure : additional animation & sound
Alternative features :
neon ramp : alternative sound
volt final hit : alternative sound
sideshow : alternative music & additionnal sounds
sideshow amazing roonie : alternative music & sounds
sideshow amazing popcorn mania : alternative music
sideshow cannonball run : alternative music & additionnal sound
sideshow the hat trick jackpot : alternative sounds
superspinner hit : alternative sound
strike-an-arc multiball jackpot : alternative sound
juggler progress : alternative sound
to spell R.I.N.G : gameplay modification (should be spelled in order)
to win a marvel : gameplay modifications (added success conditions)
to lit extra-ball at Razz Multiball : gameplay modification (added success conditions)
shoot again : alternative sound
judges bonus sequence : alternative & additionnal sounds

CV v3 main improvements :
- much improved and detailed layout (RwL, with LtJazz adjustments)
- specific 3D toys and models (RwL)
- realistic boom balloon bumper (RwL, with LtJazz adjustments)
- translite animation (RwL)
- new bumper model (JLou5641)
- caged ball, ringmaster magnet and ringmaster animation (RwL & Gimli, with LtJazz adjustments)
- improved textures (RwL, with LtJazz adjustments)
- textures upscaling and 4K playfield (LtJazz)
- lights redesign (LtJazz)
=> 100 additional or improved textures
Playfield DMD
- realistic and fully functional DMD in place of hologram DMD (LtJazz)
- EasyMatrix: new multi-layers DMD manager in place of built-in FP QueueText method (LtJazz)
=> 2800 script lines for EasyMatrix core system
=> 5500 script lines for EasyMatrix table integration (Easy ?... really ?)
- capturing of Cirqus Voltaire DMD animations and playfield DMD display reproduction (LtJazz)
=> 124 font files to display DMD animations + 5 specific fonts for text information
- 5 DMD color sets (LtJazz)
- 8 custom camera view angles in desktop mode for fully visible playfield DMD (LtJazz)
Sounds & music
- added mechanical sound effects (LtJazz)
- integration of Cirqus Voltaire sounds and music (LtJazz)
=> 500 additional or modified sounds and music
- management of 9 sound channels and volume balancing (LtJazz)
- music, sounds and DMD animations synchronized with game events (LtJazz)
Immersion & ergonomics
- advanced lighting and shadows management (LtJazz)
- loading picture, game room, camera movements & zoom effects, optional HUD, settings menu (LtJazz)
Rules & gameplay
- gameplay modifications rule-compliant (LtJazz)
- implementation of several rule-compliant game sequences missing in v1.01 and v2 ME (LtJazz)
- FizX integration, configuration and tuning (LtJazz)
Various improvements
- bug fixes: script bugs, physics bugs, visual bugs (LtJazz)
- script to solve the spinners physics issue (LtJazz)
- MOD to activate in the settings : alternative gameplay, music and sounds (LtJazz)
- several easter eggs (LtJazz)

CV v4 backlog :
Implementation of the final game sequence (join the circus)
  • CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Winter color set - cabinet.png
    CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Winter color set - cabinet.png
    2 MB · Views: 201
  • CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Spring color set - playfield.png
    CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Spring color set - playfield.png
    2.2 MB · Views: 239
  • CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Autumn color set.png
    CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0] - Autumn color set.png
    2.2 MB · Views: 211
  • CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0].jpg
    CiRQuS VoLTaiRe - Bally 1997 [v3-0].jpg
    313.7 KB · Views: 177
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Latest reviews

I missed this at time of release and I'm very much enjoying it. Thank you
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Easily the best FP table I have seen. I had not played FP for a while due to being wooed away by VPX. But I wouldn't be surprised if this table reignites interest in FP for many players. It's that good. Just download it.
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If I set out to improve this table, I don't think I would be able to find anything to change.
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This is an absolute joy to play! The mod version is incredible! There are too many things to list. This a table you should get and experience for yourself! An absolute must have! Great work LtJazz!
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very nice work , thx team
Upvote 0
Very polished table !
Very creative use of camera closeups .
Great job !!
Thanks for all your work on this Gem!
Upvote 1
A very decent effort, but these recreations are a wasted effort in Future Pinball. Pinball FX is lightyears ahead, VPX a close second, then FP is way down at the bottom. Where FP beats all competition is with original ideas and modern remakes - it's what is was designed for, hence no ROM support. But carry on.
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Download and play. Amongst the very best in FP and virtual pinball in general.
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