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Since I did not find information anywhere else, I'm posting this here.

This tutorial wouldn't be possible without @ravarcade help and mjr's Pinscape software. Thank you both.

Note: There are other boards on the market, specifically other KL's. Make sure you're buying KL25Z for Pinscape. (there may be other options in the future).

Without further ado, 1st you'll have to install and eventually upgrade your KL25Z board and thanks to mjr, this is quite easy but out of scope for this tutorial. Check this and this and you should be set. It's more or less straight forward but let me know if you have any problems.

I'm going to quote ravarcade's email but i'll be using images from my own registry for the sake of being specific to this board. I'm guessing this would work with gamepads like xbox or ps3 controllers that have motion sensors. If you can make it work, let us know please.

This can be done relatively easy... but is not necessary.

There is other way. You can use regedit to change all needed values.
Just go to:
\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Future Pinball\GamePlayer\Joypads

open node for your device (joystick, mouse or whatever you see).

You can recognize all 5 "gainmax" values to edit.
More.... one line above you can see entered value. This value is multiplied by 1000 and stored as 32 integers (with sign). Negative values are tricky to enter... but this can be done with a windows calculator.

In the image below you can see the the needed entries for this tutorial (NudgeGain). The other "gainmax" follow the same logic so it should be easy to setup in case you need them. I do use my Player2 (ultra-sticks are analog) for plunger and it also needs a higher gain. The process is exactly he same for any analog device detected by FP.

In yellow you can see I've set a value of 10 (way more than really needed) which means FP will get you to +16 gain.
Underlined in red, you can see the set value (multiplied by 1000) in FP (see FP settings below).


I recommend you exit and start FP again if you had it open when editing the registry.

As far as FP settings go the procedure is:
- enable the Pinscape controller (after installing the fw to the kl25z board)
- set the values for X-Y axis
- find a gain value and test
- You may/may not need to adjust the Deadzone. Start with 0 and go from there.

Note: every time you make a change press "Set as Defaults" Button before going to test and just to be safe, exit and load FP again.


NOTE: As @TerryRed pointed out to me and it is also all over google thanks to him :D (just kidding, your tutorials are very welcome), FP disables TILT when using analog nudge so you'll have to live with that or find another way to do it.

If you need help or find something is missing feel free to post here or PM me. Enjoy.


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Excellent stuff!

I would also recommend the user set all their other controls used first, like buttons, and make sure they are good to go before doing this (to be sure they won't get lost when making other changes).

Here is my solution for analogue nudge users to get a working tilt warning...

TILT solution for analogue nudge (FP won't trigger TILT warnings with analogue nudge):

@ravarcade If you can think of a better solution (preferably one that doesn't involve editing each table script) ...please let me know :)

- use a real tilt bob in your cabinet, and wire it to your controller for a dedicated tilt warning key
- change FP controller settings if needed to remove any conflicts with your tilt warning key of choice.
- as an example, T key is used in VP. If you want to use T (but T by default is TEST in FP), you can change TEST to another key.
- save FP controller settings, then exit and restart FP first!
- edit each table's script to use the tilt bob function

Edit Table Script for Analogue TILT BOB function:

For the example below, I am using keycode 20 (T), but you can use whatever key you want. (See the FP manual for all the keycodes you can use).

Somewhere in the script, you need to add this tilt bob variable. We need to do this because we can't change the TiltWarning value in script (its READ ONLY). So this will be a way to track tilt warnings specifically only for analogue nudge users.

Dim tilt_warnings_tilt_bob: tilt_warnings_tilt_bob=0

Then add this code to the top of Sub FuturePinball_KeyPressed. This is what will trigger the Tilt Warning if your Tilt Bob key is pressed during gameplay.

Sub FuturePinball_KeyPressed(ByVal KeyCode)

    If (KeyCode = 20) and (fpGameInPlay = TRUE) Then FuturePinball_TiltWarning(1)

Add this code to Sub FuturePinball_TiltWarning. This will add to the TILT Warning count (for tilt bob only).

NOTE: the value of 5 warnings is used here! You need to specify this (to how many warnings you want) as I don't know how to retrieve the table settings for max Tilt Warnings.

Sub FuturePinball_TiltWarning(ByVal Warnings)

    tilt_warnings_tilt_bob = tilt_warnings_tilt_bob + 1
    if tilt_warnings_tilt_bob >= 5 then fpTilted = true : FuturePinball_Tilted: Exit Sub

Then you will want to add this the the Sub FuturePinball_Tilted()

Sub FuturePinball_Tilted()

    tilt_warnings_tilt_bob = 0

...and then you need to add tilt_warnings_tilt_bob = 0 in any part of the script that changes fpTilted = FALSE to be sure our tilt warnings are reset.

The way this is used will vary by each table so pay attention.

fpTilted = FALSE
tilt_warnings_tilt_bob = 0

....and that's it!

It may seem like a pain...but it's the only solution I know of that works.

For those without a real Tilt Bob, but still use a KL25Z (pinscape):

You could always use a program to map a "range" of your nudge axis to trigger the Tilt Bob key.

So the idea being that if your X axis reaches -80% or less, or more than 80% then the T key would be triggered.

I used to use PGP (Pinnacle Game Profiler).... but sadly the author passed away...and the official site has been hacked (and may install malware). So you need to find another program that does similar.

I know DOFLinx also has a similar function for adding a nudge key triggered from pinscape.

Good luck!
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I expected nothing less from you @TerryRed
Perfect post to complete the tutorial.
Problem is that I now have to build a mini tilt bob... :)


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THANK YOU!! I had to try this twice, and it was user error on my behalf. Once I copied the registry values exactly for the highighted and underlined....then went to FP and copied your screenshot by turning off the other buttons and such...Finally I set deadzone to 0...relaunched FP and loaded Superman. Based on @outhere 's advice I caught the ball with my flipper and nudged my cabinet and I could see it working! Thanks again!!
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