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Antique Victorian Bagatelle released


PN co-founder
Patrick & tiltjlp announce release of their Antique Victorian Bagatelle, which probably was made in England between 1860-1875. a ten ball game, the unretouched playfield image shows that the game was enjoyed quite a bit by its owners. In keeping with the gothic/gothic theme, some of the sounds will remind you of a Boris Karlof movie. Nudging is very important in this game, if you hope to land in the scoring holes on the playfield, and yes, the upper scoring hole can be hit, if you nudge just so. Read the Table Information for a bit more detail about the times the game was popular. Enjoy our hauntingly entertaining game.

And Bob, this table would have taken too much work to use your lowered pins idea on, but I'm working on Clown M Up, and that will have shorter pins, which I agree do look much better. Just wanted you to know I'm not blowing your help off, pal.



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