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Duglis Beautification/Tweak Project? Request


Pinball Nudger
Hi there.
If anyone wants to better my games with nicer playfield graphics, backdrops, taking out some of my silly voices, and/or tweaking some elasticity settings and graphics, please drop me an email at duglis@roadrunner.com.

I have been out of making tables for a long time now and graphics was never my thing. Rules accuracy was. Please contact me if you want to do this to any of my tables. I'm 90 % sure i'll say yes!

also, if anyone can make the play of MAGIC CITY more accurate/fun, please let me know.

I also would like to request that someone make Capersville. You can build right from the Fireball at Night table or 4 Million BC as it is extraordinary similar to those 2.

Retired Douglas

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Phil Becker did a version of Mine and made it nicer.

Now I know this is super-late, but-- anything else to update? For example, you made a bunch of great re-creations as I recall, but I'm not sure we have them all here, nor credited properly.

(thanks for checking in, much appreciated)