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FP GoPinball & PinSimDB: the end is coming

Future Pinball


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How to use altcolor and altsound. I've seen those but have no idea. Then again I also don't know about directb2s and other stuff like wheels about vpx :\


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How to use altcolor and altsound. I've seen those but have no idea. Then again I also don't know about directb2s and other stuff like wheels about vpx :\
AltColor and AltSound goto into the VPinMame folder and .directB2s are backglass and goes to the same folder as your tables ... so where are your .vpx


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Altcolor and AltSound offer better look for few pinball like by example Attack From Mars just offer an orange dotted display, with AltColor the games offer colors like Martians becomes green. For AltSound it is a bank of augmented sound like HQ sounds for few pinball games


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If you check one of my NFL mods, I used Altsound method,
I muted all in game music in the rom, but left all the other sounds.
I added touchdown calls for each specific team to the rom touchdown call.
Basically you need a folder in your VPinMAME folder named "altsound"
This is where you place the altsound files.
Then you go into rom options and you will see Alt. Sound Mode (0-3)
You would set this to 1 and now your table uses altsound.
I scripted this into my NFL mods so you don't have to open rom options and set to 1.
It does it automatically for you.


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I feel very sad for you Alex and the rest of the team of Pinsimdb and Gopinball. My free futurepinball pdf guides are still available. I liked so much Gopinball and Pinsimdb; now i'm here on Pinballnirvana. A suggestion for Pinsimdb would maybe to host with: Heliohost.org. Even if i have not come here for quite some time, i'm still with Futurepinball. It's a good thing that i have made fiew backup files related to Futurepinball.

Now Alex i'm writing some french guide (never done before) about Futurepinball. But this guide will be only text and indicate some pdf free document that have the indicated images. Like so the guide can be printed (use less printing ink), and on the side the reader look the images on the pdf document related to the text. I'm glad that Christopher from Futurepinball have granted me permissions and autorisations that i do printscreens of the website and software to indicate things about the software.

When my text french guide teaching many things that my english guides have shown, then i'll print it myself to see how it look on paper. "Letter" format paper ( 8.5 inch by 11 inch ). Then i'll indicate it to some publisher house with some infos. If i have no answers from some publisher house, then i'll print it myself each page. After i'll check the thickness of the book that have the pages (test it). Next i'll simply create and print some book cover by myself. Then send the printed paper book free to some radio station by mail. To promote it free.

Many radio stations i hear they say that it could be a good idea that some students and some peoples have some things to learn and have fun at the same time. This to develop there creativity, there logics, there imagination. Creating some Futurepinball games could and might help them. Well as always i want good things for the peoples. If it was not for Christopher, the Pinsimdb team, the peoples here and many other peoples. I could not give many good things for the peoples, and glad about it. The thanks go to all of you, for your time, your support, your help.



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I think not only of you Alex i think also about Oliver that helped me also very much. My free FP pdf guides on Gopinball was very popular, was a good thing it was pinned. As Shiva has pinned my free FP pdf guides, i know it help many peoples. But i could not do it all without the help of many peoples. I know that i repeat my self about giving my thanks to the peoples, but i find it always important to mention about it.