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Hocus pocus...poof! Theatre of Magic (Jamin 1.0) out of nowhere.


Pinball Nudger
Thought I'd try a table I hadn't attempted before. Many thanks to Fuseball/Dorsola/Pacdude. I tried making it with its own trunk mech handler but it didn't seem to want to cooperate even though I thought I had it setup correctly and experimented with various switch locations on different positions...so after struggling with that a while I decided to incorporate what previous authors had done a had it handlemech.

Still things I want to do to it
Fidget with the right loop more...its makable but bounces around a bit if your shot is a bit off.
Mirror effect. Hadn't gotten into making it but was getting burnt out a bit so it will be in a future update.
Just noticed that I put the wrong Light 58 (leading to captive ball) needs to be more toward the redside of orange. I'll change that and put that in with the mirror effect update.
Something i wasn't too sure on...did it let out a vanished ball during multiball to where you'd have 4ball multiball? Couldn't remember if it did that or not.
Green light on the trunk
Also would like to cover more areas where the ball is in front of certain parts of reels and get rid of some black lines that appear on some reels.

Hope you enjoy this release of Theatre of Magic.


Pinball Player
It plays beautifully!!! The lighting effects are INCREDIBLE!!! It plays smoothly and the wide view is beautifull....Also, I LOVE the working Tiger Saw wheel!!!

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Do you think that you, or Jpsalas/Gromi might possibly consider doing your version of *PINBALL MAGIC*???


Pinball Nudger
Great job again, Jamin - I love your tables! Will you be updating some of your other tables, Medeval Madness, BK 2000, Star Trek: TNG? Many thanks!


Pinball Player
It's a nice table and really godd looking with the lighting effects. Lighting adds so much to a table. The running saw is very nice to see and it's great that it is up close.

There are a few issues Id like to address though. Something I'e noticed with your tables is that some things seem crowded and bunched up and it's hard to tell where the shots are as it seems like it's not very clear and viewable where all the toys and main playfield are. The ball feels a little unnatural as well. When the ball is moving on ramps and drops onto the playfield, the ball kind of disappears and then reappears in a new position. These same issues apply to Hook as well, but Hook has some unnatural lighting and the table gets VERY dark in some areas towards the back, especially.

Your tables are just a few small steps from being truly Outstanding though and beng some of the best of the best. Just a little bit more polish would have the tables at the top.

Thanks for the tables!


Pinball Nudger
I'm getting hooked on this table Jamin :D
it looks fantastic with all the nice lights and
I love the wider tables , it's great fun to play too...
Keep up your fantastic work :D

Matt :)
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