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Oct 4, 2018
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Started working on a Jeepers Creepers pinball hopefully I can get it finished by Halloween time. I am making the playfield art now I have a good layout for the game. You guys can watch this post and see the progress or post any ideas or suggestions for the game. This is just early view of the apron it may change, so yeah post ideas if you want.

new pinball 2024 jeepers creepers.jpg
I worked on more of the artwork and changed the flippers around made them look stitched I think I like the orange flippers better since it's for Halloween I guess we go with the orange ones. Let me know what color flippers you like better in the comments or just any other ideas. The other plastics are plain because I need to work on those next.

jeepers pinball flippers.jpg

orange flipper.jpg
Did not work too much on the table I did get some plastics made and trying some 3d models for ramps and rubber bands to make the game look much better. 3d rubber parts look better than the Visual Pinball rubber parts I just wonder if it changes any physics of bounciness. I need to re draw the playfield at least a few more times with better art and lane areas but here is what I have so far.

jeepers pinball ramp.jpg

Off topic I have been using Ai for restoration of some old stuff like some TMNT episodes here you can see a picture of before and after. Ai is great lots of forums reading about Ai also ran across this video and thought it was something funny to share. Any comments on the game or ai post them.
Video Ai Ninja Turtles.jpg

I finally had some free time and did some more stuff on this table. Did a few scripts and added a rusty pipe and some upper plastics also did an AI 3d jeepers monster that took almost 5 hours because I had problems with the uv map. Now when the ball hits the bottom jaw drops and opens the right ramp. I will also be adding eyes in the 3d model when I get more time. The game has a lot left to work on the art still has a lot left, if anyone is trying to make 3d models for your game I found a good way to get a model from any picture. Below is video how to make model from picture using AI ZoeDepth. https://huggingface.co/spaces/shariqfarooq/ZoeDepth Just remember to lower the verticles on your models so that game loads fast. I used about 3,500 verticles lowered from 500,000. For example if your model is bigger than 5mb it is not a good model for loading times.

jeepers pinball 2024 v4.jpg

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