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Dec 28, 2020
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20degree submitted a new resource:

Kickers in Angles - Kickers in Angles has different kickers

Kickers in Angle, is simply a table that have 2 more different kickers, that i have taken the original kicker t1 model; but have made modifications onto. The result is there is kickers that is not into the table surface. One kicker has an angle of 45 degree, the other one have an angle of 90 degree.

The table is playable. What the kickers do in the table? Depending wath kicker is entered, added with what light is on; its result in destroying the ball and creating the ball out of an other...

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Awesome 20degree! I'll check it out!
I think to maybe create an other type of model of if i remember " the diverter" . the model that has some gate that open and close at some event and at some angle. But this gate i think to recreate the moving gate, but that the model would be some "L" shaped; maybe with an angle of 90 degree, maybe at an angle of 135 degree. As so it could move the ball into 2 directions, rather than just blocking it.
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