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Kickers in Angle, is simply a table that have 2 more different kickers, that i have taken the original kicker t1 model; but have made modifications onto. The result is there is kickers that is not into the table surface. One kicker has an angle of 45 degree, the other one have an angle of 90 degree.

The table is playable. What the kickers do in the table? Depending what kicker is entered, added with what light is on; its result in destroying the ball and creating the ball out of an other kicker. There is also floor surface behind the table, for the height of each kicker.

If i remember the comment on Pinsimdb and Gopinball, i do think i am the only person that have been able to create working 3d model kickers for futurepinball that are in angle. These kickers can be used for your own creations, if you want to put them into your own fp game; just remember to put the surface floor also.

Here is an image of the table with the kickers in angle:

I have forget to indicate also. When you choose one of the kickers, even in its properties (position/rotation). You can even rotate the kicker if you want it kick the ball into an other direction. But as i previously told the two surfaces behind the playfield; wich is the height of the kickers.
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