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Milkshape3d Addon for Blender v2.79b

Support File FP Milkshape3d Addon for Blender v2.79b 2023-07-11

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Hi its a resource that i still have kept from Pinsimdb. It is an addon that work with the popular 3d modeling software called Blender. But it work only with Blender version 2.79 and not later versions. Me i have put it on Blender version 2.79b. It's not my self that created this addon for Blender.

How to install this addon?
Well when you go to the top text menu, you choose "file". After there is a list, you should find "user preference". Next you click on the tab named: "Addon". At the bottom there is a button called: "Install addon from file". You simply select the zip file (not unzipped) that contain the files needed. You then activate the addon. Now you should be able to import and export Milkshape3d (ms3d) files.

Here is a screenshot that show the menu (addon), and show that the Milkshape3d is activated and that it work.

I have done a resource search here before posting this other resource. So that i know that not some other person have put the same good resource. But i did not find by searching with the word: Milkshape. So i guess its ok to add this resource.

FPMeditor when you import 3d models into your futurepinball table, it is 3d models that are Milkshape3d files. So creating some 3d models, you should be able to import your (ms3d) into futurepinball.

Hope that it help fp users?
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