Dinput8.dll file for FP Pinball Roller

Support File FP Dinput8.dll file for FP Pinball Roller 2023-07-22

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Hi there i add an other resource for the software futurepinball. It is a dll file, that help peoples activate the Pinball Roller function. I have notice that some peoples that have Windows (french version), sometime have difficulty to activate the Pinball Roller function.

It work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11; that i have tested my self. Maybe there is some person that can test it on Windows 8, and write a comment here about it.

For fp peoples that dont know, what is the function Pinball Roller? Well it is a way to play your own futurepinball creation, with the control of the ball in the game. As so you can make the ball roll where you want in your game, doing so you can experiment and test the game you play.

The instructions with this file is very simple...... :
Simply unzip the zipped file first. After you put the file ( dinput8.dll ), simply in the exact same folder where there is the executable file " Future Pinball ". For peoples not knowing it is also the folder where there is other files as: " devil.dll ", " newton.dll ", etc. Just making it clear for peoples starting with future pinball.

Here is an image in big size of the dinput8.dll :

After into the software Future Pinball, you go to the "top text menu", where it is written (Preferences). After you choose the sub-section named (Game Keys and Controls). There is a window that apear then. To the left you see the word (Mouse/Joypad Controllers), there is a little "checkmark box". You simply put a check mark into the box, just beside the word (Enable).

Here is the options i have put my self for the menu (Mouse/Joypad Controllers):
Special 1: option (Right). Special 2: option (Middle). Pinball Roller: option (Left).
Change Camera: option (Button 4). Look at Backbox: option (Button 5).
Test Roller X: option (Left-Right). Test Roller Y: option (Up-Down)
All the other (Mouse/Joypad Controllers) options are at " -none- ". You can configure it as you want

This what it does, is that when you press on your mouse the button (Left Mouse Button), it "activate/deactivate" turn (On or Off) by pressing the same (Left Mouse Button) the Pinball Roller. Next when the ball is in "manual" mode, by (moving your mouse) the ball roll in the direction wanted.

You can if you want antivirus scan the file if you want, i'm sure it is virus safe and should not give any problems to your computer. There is not much needed to do, but simply put the dinput8.dll file in the exact same folder as your executable file "future pinball".

Hope that you like this future pinball roller file?
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