• Many thanks to Ian Longstaff for his lovely table roundups, posted on YT. And here is... TABLE ROUND UP ELEVEN!

    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.


  1. FISH TOWN.jpg

    FISH TOWN.jpg

    ( It's a fun table with many new holograms).
  2. shiva

    Recreation Canadians Unite. Finally a Decent ToyShock Price

    As Canadians, we are getting use to being screwed over when it comes to prices, as a example, the ATGames Pinball Legend can be found at Sam's Club in the US for 399 right now, while up here, the sole place we can get the APL is from our "friends" at The Brick who are gouging us for 1199 (plus...
  3. The 666 BAR Evolution.jpg

    The 666 BAR Evolution.jpg

    I used my latest playgrounds and remodeled from latest playgrounds FiX-Template-v104
  4. Ready Jet Go.jpg

    Ready Jet Go.jpg

  5. Rain 2.jpg

    Rain 2.jpg

    Rain (2.0) updated.
  6. O

    Gottlieb EM Recreation FP Green Pastures (Gottlieb, 1954) MOD v1.2

    Manufacturer: D. Gottlieb & Co. Date: January 1954 Design: Wayne Neyens Art: Roy Parker IPD No. 1085 Authors: Original Table: Fpozo45 Modifications: Okobojimusky Modifications in version 1.2: Backglass fully functional: 10,000 to 90,000 scores indicated by number of lit croquet balls on...
  7. F

    high speed pinball machine for sale

    The main object of the game is to turn the main stoplight (located on the ramp) from green to yellow to red by hitting the nine stoplight targets (three of each color). Shooting the ball up the ramp or into the eject hole (saucer) also spots a stoplight target. Once all nine have been lit, the...
  8. NateMac00

    Support File Frontend Media Pinball Emporium - RELEASE 10 - FULL RELEASE 2021-04-05

    The download link you want is "Pinball.Emporium.r10-NATEMAC00" Release 10 Features: Automated setup for 1, 2 or 3 Screen Desktop automated setup for Visual Pinball X, Future Pinball, Pinup Tables, Pinball FX3 Cabinet Pinball Machines. Table Collections (Music, Kids, Sports, ect…). Add your...
  9. shiva

    Support File Tutorial Help Using the prefix filter in resources

    We are mostly known as the "classic" vp site, but we do offer so much more. We have been adding a lot to the forum software, and we are still debating organization of everything, as we have such a wide variety of pinball related material. One of them is yes virgina, we do have vpx tables and...
  10. shiva

    Upgrade/Project Support File Tutorial Help vpx/ vpinmame downloads using the Resources prefix

    We are mostly known as the "classic" vp site, but we do offer so much more. We have been adding a lot to the forum software, and we are still debating organization of everything, as we have such a wide variety of pinball related material. One of them is yes virgina, we do have vpx tables and...
  11. shiva

    Support File Commercial and Cabinets Vital Links

    AtGames Other
  12. shiva

    Support File Future Pinball Vital Links

    BAM - Pinball Nirvana main boards Guides and Help This is our start to a new master link of essential links/tutorials/help files for Future Pinball and BAM. Have a great link not already here? Just post it here so we can add it to this post.
  13. shiva

    Support File FrontEnds Vital Links

    Pinball Emporium - Pinball Emporium is a all-in-one frontend for Future Pinball and Visual Pinball that is aimed to be more suitable for beginners Pinup Popper "Baller" - Baller is a "all-in-one" installer system for Visual Pinball and Future Pinball that supports Pinup System, Pinup Player...
  14. shiva

    shivaFlippers 3.1 tutorial and example

    With the debut of the variable coil system with the latest release of Jungle girl fpx, Future Pinball flipper physics took a step forward to respectability. The ability to be able to fine tune the speed of the shots coming from the flippers have made a big change to the playability of FP games...
  15. jungle girl FPX 1.1 ( Future Pinball )

    jungle girl FPX 1.1 ( Future Pinball )

    Author : shiva There are so many changes across the board, but the big highlight is the debut of the shivaFlippers system that now has a variable coil system,...
  16. Jungle Girl Wheel.png

    Jungle Girl Wheel.png

    Wheel image for hyperspin, pup packs and Baller frontend
  17. Attack From Mars (Midway, 1995)

    Attack From Mars (Midway, 1995)

    Very large redrawn version
  18. shiva

    [PinUP Popper] "Baller" Installer Tutorial

    NOTE: Though this is not a "commercial" product, it is always best to put everything related to one subject in one place, just so people can find things, something other forums I wished thought off... As we all know, both vpx and fp/bam is a bit of a mess with multiple plug-ins and knowledge...
  19. shiva

    [Arcade1Up] Attack From Mars Arcade1Up Pinball Review

    Finally, the Arcade1Up Pinball cabinets have started to show up, though they are pretty much already sold out. Apparently Canada got their units in first so MichaelTheGameGenie got his review up, and overall he liked the quality of the unit, though he noted the 720p resolution and a couple other...
  20. shiva

    SS Original Table BAM FP Jungle Girl (Original) fpx v1.1

    Jungle Girl (Original) fpx v1.1 Jungle Girl fpx has now been released as version 1.1. This version is a bug fix and other minor script changes. Thanks to all that notified me. New DOFLinx Version! (Thanks to majorFrenchy)...
  21. shiva

    shivaFlippers v3 beta test thread

    With the new version 3 of shivaFlippers as part of the fpx series of tables, a lot of changes have happened to the dynamics of fp physics. The new variable coil feature is a absolute game changer, and with the improvements to the aiming system of the flippers, the removal of the timers and extra...
  22. shiva

    My Pinball State of the Union Address

    Well, first off happy new year! It's that time, where I update things and sprout off about subjects no one other than me care about, I try and do this every year since 1999, so lets get started shall we? As much as 2020 truly sucked, it was one of the best years for pinball in a long time, and...