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Jungle Girl (Original) fpx v1.2

Birthday Edition.

script updated August 2023

Version 1.2 Update Video:

V1.2 play and strategy

' *** Version 1.2***
' New Additions
' - New Voice tracks (TTS unfortunately) and redid all music routines and code. Voices are randomized on certain features.
' - New controlling routines for better music management, and better timing routines.
' - Future versions of fpxEngine will be based on this script as opposed to it's own code. (after a major cleanup of course)
' - Modified a couple AddScoringEvent routines for a better playing experience
' - BAM version needs to be 280 or higher
' - If you have headphones, you will hear the 2nd background. This was in the previous version, just forgot to mention it.
' - Some new music changes

' shivaFlipper v4 Changes
' - Code rewritten to be simplier and improved performance. Game play, especially base flipper shots now slightly stronger. Full effect variable coil now added
' - Middle Trigger replaced with optoTrigger. Walls reshaped to adjust ball flow and shots
' - Variable coil now present throughout full flipper swing
' - Flippers moved and now shoot slightly different. This is due to a new FlipperRotationChart
' - shivaFlipper presets have been changed internally. (shivaFlippersPresetCase=4)
' - Strength of the flippers made a bit stronger, with slightly stronger base shots. Due to the new Flipper rotationalChart, tap passes may be a bit tougher to do now.
' - Variable coil preset changed to be a bit less sensitive, but still very sensitive.
' - Custom Bounce control changed to less bouncy, more realistic Bally type flippers. Set AddfpxBounce to a max of 10 ifd you want more bounce.
' - Top RightFlipper redone to match other flippers
' - Improved performance of the walls and fixed any issues, adjusted ball angle off flipper. New error correction code added.

' Rule changes
' - Changed a couple routines so the game now scores lower! Game now set to 5 balls, and 1500000 for the first replay. You can change this in User Adjustments
' - Loop shots changed. Both loop shots advance a letter. Right loop will now score advancing value as well. The Left will score the star trigger value. Fixed double scoring issue.

' Other changes
' - The game has several new settings in User adjustments so you can customize the table to your liking. This incudes shivaFlippers, fpxEngine, and the pinsettings.
' - ShivaFlippers has simplified settings for flippers as several settings are no longer needed due to new Variable coil system (EOS)
' - high score display only shows if a actual high score is made.
' - Minor physics changes. Fixed dead play areas, adjusted loop shot so ball is faster on loop etc. Never thought this game could get more fun, but it did.

Plus a whole bunch of things I forgot to write down

Jungle Girl fpx has now been released as version 1.1.
This version is a bug fix and other minor script changes. Thanks to all that notified me.

New DOFLinx Version! (Thanks to majorFrenchy)
Video of the DOFLinx Version:

The big highlight is the debut of my shivaFlippers system that now has a variable coil system, better aiming, and a "fake EOS". This is a pretty noticeable improvement to FP flippers and down the road, I hope they can be improved even more.

The variable coil adds dynamic omega (or strength to you vp people) for each flipper angle of a flipper swing until you release the flipper button. This allows you to do tap passes (depending on hardware and reflexes with a quick flick of the button) as well as "loft" shots. This is adjustable, and there's presets for cabinet or desktop users, as well as the ability to make your own presets. Just look in the script for more details.

There has also been some pretty big changes to my physics for the game as I have learned a lot about FP the last year, and with this new version, Jungle Girl fpx is one of the best games in terms of playability out there. The game is just a blast to play now.

Jungle Girl is based on the comic book series from Dynamite Comics, and I selected that theme because you just can’t get more pinball like than a pretty girl in a bikini fighting dinosaurs. I wish to thank all the talent that helped create this game.

Additional contributions by popotte, smoke,PolyGame, GeorgeH, Francisco666, Gimli, and Ravacade. Art by Frank Cho, Adriane Batista, and others

This requires the latest version of BAM. at ( - BAM - Future Pinball Mod)
If you do not have Future Pinball with BAM installed, I would recommend you use the all-in-one installer, also available at ( - BAM - Future Pinball Mod)

Also, I have included the master files higher res versions of the art for those with 4k cabinets as well as a wheel image.
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Great table! A bit too flashy
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Best original table I've ever played.
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This table is a lot of fun! Thanks for the hard work and updates that went into it!
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Great one!!!!! Thanks
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One word. Fantastic! Favorite FP table today!
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This is a really good table I'm just sad about the artwork with the heavy topographic filter or whatever it is. Don't get me wrong. I love it. Very strange photoshop choices. Maybe I can get you some high res scans of the artwork. hit me up.
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Nice close to nFozzy physics on flippers! Great job.
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Classic mid '80 pinball feeling. I love it. Some reminiscence of Gorgar, a table I absolutly adore.
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Fantastic work! What a beautiful table, you did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing.
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