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Solid State Machines
Jungle Girl (Original) fpx v1.1

Jungle Girl fpx has now been released as version 1.1.
This version is a bug fix and other minor script changes. Thanks to all that notified me.

New DOFLinx Version! (Thanks to majorFrenchy)
Video of the DOFLinx Version:

The big highlight is the debut of my shivaFlippers system that now has a variable coil system, better aiming, and a "fake EOS". This is a pretty noticeable improvement to FP flippers and down the road, I hope they can be improved even more.

The variable coil adds dynamic omega (or strength to you vp people) for each flipper angle of a flipper swing until you release the flipper button. This allows you to do tap passes (depending on hardware and reflexes with a quick flick of the button) as well as "loft" shots. This is adjustable, and there's presets for cabinet or desktop users, as well as the ability to make your own presets. Just look in the script for more details.

There has also been some pretty big changes to my physics for the game as I have learned a lot about FP the last year, and with this new version, Jungle Girl fpx is one of the best games in terms of playability out there. The game is just a blast to play now.

Jungle Girl is based on the comic book series from Dynamite Comics, and I selected that theme because you just can’t get more pinball like than a pretty girl in a bikini fighting dinosaurs. I wish to thank all the talent that helped create this game.

Additional contributions by popotte, smoke,PolyGame, GeorgeH, Francisco666, Gimli, and Ravacade. Art by Frank Cho, Adriane Batista, and others

This requires the latest version of BAM. at http://www.ravarcade.pl/ (ravarcade.pl - BAM - Future Pinball Mod)
If you do not have Future Pinball with BAM installed, I would recommend you use the all-in-one installer, also available at http://www.ravarcade.pl/ (ravarcade.pl - BAM - Future Pinball Mod)

Also, I have included the master files higher res versions of the art for those with 4k cabinets as well as a wheel image.
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  • Future Pinball - © 2008 BSP Software Design Solutions 2020-01-31 11_58_54 AM.png
    Future Pinball - © 2008 BSP Software Design Solutions 2020-01-31 11_58_54 AM.png
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  • JungleGirl_wheel.png
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Latest updates

  1. Jungle Girl fpx Version 1.1

    A new version of Jungle Girl fpx has been released. Version 1.1, this fixes a error that could...

Latest reviews

Best original table I've ever played.
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This table is a lot of fun! Thanks for the hard work and updates that went into it!
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Great one!!!!! Thanks
Upvote 1
One word. Fantastic! Favorite FP table today!
Upvote 1
This is a really good table I'm just sad about the artwork with the heavy topographic filter or whatever it is. Don't get me wrong. I love it. Very strange photoshop choices. Maybe I can get you some high res scans of the artwork. hit me up.
Upvote 0
Nice close to nFozzy physics on flippers! Great job.
Upvote 0
Classic mid '80 pinball feeling. I love it. Some reminiscence of Gorgar, a table I absolutly adore.
Upvote 1
Fantastic work! What a beautiful table, you did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing.
Upvote 2
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