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Marcus's computer upgraded!


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Marcus has been gone forever (i think he's dead, er, something..) and I've replaced the pc he sent me via ups a couple years ago.

The last time I upgraded it was due to a ups package I recieved from Oregon, Thank You Marcus! :D

I now have a 2.8ghz and am prepared to take over the world :geek:



PN co-founder
Better run and hide folks, Jon has a new toy. 2.8, isn't that above the legal speed limit. Congraulations partner.



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grrr (still running a 800 celeron)

Congrats, hope you put it to good use


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My new toy is awesome but it can't compare to the pc that this vp dude (Marcus) sent to me via ups, from Oregon! I feel sad that his pc has been replaced but look forward to new stuff (PLay VPM!) I might be able to RUN.

I now have a 2.8ghz and am prepared to take over the world.... :mexican:


Pinball Player
Looks like I'll have to overclock to beat you JPH............

But seriously, I just (six weeks ago) opgraded froma Celeron 450 to an AMD 2400+. I have it running at 2Ghz and it's brilliant. I don't want to push it to it's Maximum 3Ghz, just in case, so I doff my hat to you.

As has become a cult saying thanks to Aussie tonight show host Rove McManus............."Go you big red fire engine"

In other words............ Whoa that's fast..........


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