Marvel Super Heroes (Zizzle, 2007) VP9

VP9 SS Recreation Marvel Zizzle now redone in VP9! v1.1

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Nov 17, 2008
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I redid the Zizzle Marvel table that I did last year in vp8 for VP9! I redid some of the sounds, built a table around the playfield, changed the rubbers to blue, put in a newer scoring routine, and made the translucent ramps a see-thru BLUE!! As far as I know no-one else has ever done colored see-thru ramps, so I am also posting the bitmap files for both Blue and Red for others to use in their tables too! here they are along with the pic of the marvel table (which is now in the VP9 download section)


  • translucent blue.bmp
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  • Transluscent red .bmp
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  • Marvel VP9.jpg
    Marvel VP9.jpg
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Nice work on this table , faralo.
(I used colored ramps in my Rollercoaster and TOTAN tables :) )

ok since you are the second person to say that you are using colored ramps in your pins, I'll just wipe this egg off of my face now :p
Your table looks great Faralos! :)
if you're just seeing this one now...

I think I put up most of my 10 originals here both for vp8 and vp9. if you like originals check 'em out, (you can see my skills progressed through the months past) with every table I made sure i learned something new; POTC for vp8 was the first I think, CaveGal had a vuk, Gas Attack used colored balls etc...
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