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Oct 3, 2004
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Playboy se3 is now available for download, for Visual Pinball. Using the first build of shivaEngine 3, this is the first stable test table and is used to test and evaluate the various systems and concepts of shivaEngine 3. This is strictly for Visual Pinball, the vpinmame version is available at http://www.shivasite.byethost22.com/pb_01.htm

shivaEngine3 is a generic solid state scoring and logic engine, aimed to emulate the various styles of the main companies such as Bally from 1975 to 1985. se3 is aimed at the absolute beginner user, with very little coding experience, and supplies a complete engine and prebuilt and reuseable code snippets for use with building tables. Because of this, this table isn't a exact version, but it's more than close enough, and is used as the first example to test the engine and the concepts.

Playboy se3 is a semi-locked table, but the script and code snippets are avaialble for viewing, suggestions and additional support and development by others. Some of the features included are adjustable ball amount, scoring, and debug features. There are also 3 different skill levels, based on pin settings from the actual game, as well as "cheater" posts to help poorer playing people, as Playboy was a major drain monster in it's day.

Support forums, downloads and release info for both the shivaEngine3 and this table builds are available here: http://www.shivasite.byethost22.com/forums

Screenshot: http://img163.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot18231ew.jpg
Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/21409441/1823_playboy_se3.zip.html
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