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RetroFlair 2


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New "real" inserts for Retroflair 2.

Progress on the new Tron mode is coming along nicely.... but no previews for that yet... but soon enough. (it looks amazing)

Since I'm making so many changes compared to the original table (the basic layout will remain but change up), I needed to completely change up the inserts as their decals aren't correct anymore for what I will be doing.

So I decided to finally take this opportunity to learn how to create "real" light inserts to replace to standard flat light images that 95% of the tables on FP and VP use.

So I did a mix between what Steve Paradis (@polygame ) did many years ago on FP and what flupper / bord and others have recently done on VP.

I learned how to create the mesh for the "hole" of the insert (using FP Model Editor is required to make it work) and then used a separate light object within that insert. Using some really nicely rendered insert images, I created normal / bump maps for them which works really nicely with FP-BAM's real dynamic lighting (it reflects and shines off the insert's bumpy surfaces in realtime)

It turned out great. I've only got the rectangle inserts done so far... but you can see the difference compared to the flat pointer inserts and the original table image.

Now I just need to create some nice decals to go on top which will really show off the 3d depth of the inserts.

New version so far...


Original version.



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I would never have thought of adding bump maps to the lenses for the playfield inserts. I hope the decals don't obscure the lenses too much. Where did you get the textures for the lenses?


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RetroFlair 2 - Epic Gamez N Tunes (Future Pinball - BAM)

"Worldwide Premiere Demo Video - COMING SOON!"

After 4 months, and a crap load of hard work, I finally have RF2 at a point where I feel it is far enough along to show it off!

The Good:
  • this table is like nothing you guys have seen before
  • many "firsts" being shown using many of BAM's very new features
  • it's literally like multiple tables in one
  • makes RF 1 look simple by comparison
  • the new Tron Epic Gamez mode is HUGE!
  • easily the coolest and most EPIC Tron pinball game ever made
  • the Tron ending is "BIG"
  • 6 Gamez Modes.... so far...
  • uses the basic layout and premise of RF1, but everything else is all new
  • lots more gameplay and objectives to complete
  • pinball "purists" who don't like creativity and imagination in digital pinball will despise this table... much to my great enjoyment

The Bad:
  • the table is still far from complete
  • I hope to add more Epic Gamez modes, which means it will take longer to finish
  • some of the original game modes still need to be updated
  • PinEvent support hasn't been started yet (the last thing to do).

So I'll be busy for a quite while putting this video together.

If you thought Star Wars Epic Space Battles was cool...


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RetroFlair 2 - EPIC Gamez N Tunes

Preview Video featuring Table features and the entire Tron EPIC Gamez mode.

Finally...the first preview of my EPIC sequel to ROM's classic FP table. Be prepared to have your jaw drop as you have never seen virtual pinball like this! This features the most EPIC Tron pinball game ever made... with a surprise "BIG" ending!

Get yourself some popcorn, get comfy.... and watch the entire video from start to finish.

I don't want to say too much and spoil the MANY cool moments you will see. I show the entire Tron mode playthrough non-stop... and its one EPIC moment after another.

This was a real work of passion to try things I've always wanted to do, and also show what can be done in digital pinball with a little imagination and time. This table is using many of BAM's latest features, as well as using the new "TerryRed texture animation" method I came up with that is used throughout the table. Combined with FP-BAM's amazing dynamic lighting, this makes for stunning visuals.

I've always wanted to do my own table and also my own version of a Tron pinball game and here it is.. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks go out to those who contributed resources:

SLAMT1LT - (Tron sounds and music and inspiration from his excellent Tron tables)
Wild - (Tron disc conversion)
Schreibi34 - (for his gorgeous insert jewel images)
Rom - (for the original RetroFlair table, ghost / lightcycle / lightjet models)
Gimli, GeorgeH, Wild Steve Paradis, shiva and others at Pinball Nirvanna for support
ravarcade - for the amazing BAM that continues to evolve and allows imagination to drive pinball creation and unique experiences

Keep an eye out... there are more EPIC Gamez to come!

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@Gimli @GeorgeH @wild @polygame @shiva @ravarcade @AnonTet @NitroNimbus

@popotte @smoke

RetroFlair 2 - "Behind the Scenes". A visual showcase of how all the magic happens! (Future Pinball)

Wow! Thanks for all the praise I've been seeing for my first preview video for RetroFlair 2. As a result, I decided to do a unique video that "shows" you how it all works behind the scenes in "real-time". I demonstrate how I use BAM's many features to create and do all the cool things you see (without being too technical), and how I brought Tron to life in a pinball game like you've never seen before.

Note: the stutters seen in the video from about 24:00 to 40:00'ish are a result of the Youtube video conversion. :(

Normal gameplay is silky smooth with no stutters.

Everything is bookmarked for quick reference:

Introduction - 0:00
Inspiration and motives - 2:04
Lighting - 3:01
Texture Animations - 6:01
Inserts - 7:34
Table Misc Features - 9:54
BAM Custom Models, Animated Characters - 13:11
BAM Mini Playfields - 15:39
Magna-Portal 20:23
TRON Epic Gamez mode - 24:26
Disc Wars - 33:16
Animated Character Opponent Targets - 36:54
LightCycle Battle - 38:39
LightJet Battle - 46:00
Tron Classic - 50:58
Closing Thoughts - 57:26

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New Re-Uploaded video. Old video has stutters from Youtube conversion, so I removed it. This new video plays fine throughout.


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Same table. I just made a "Tron" topic, as anyone who is a Tron fan will read this...whereas if they don't know or care what RetroFlair is... then they may never see the Tron mode.


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And your inserts are just amazing!

Thanks to Schreibi34 for making the original inserts images... and guys like polygame and flupper,etc who had the idea of creating mesh holes to use. I just combined all ideas and used separate bulb models for the insert jewels and created bump maps for them... but I had to make the insert hole meshes match the size of the artwork that was already there.

...but yah its a lot more work to make it all the line up just right. Probably easier if adding them to a table first...then creating the artwork afterward to match up. :)


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I agree with popotte. The amount of time spent is insane although I bet you enjoy every minute of it :)

I also agree on the inserts. Actually, something that is missing in many tables is that level of "irregularity" even in the playfield. It is so much more immersive instead of flat shiny brand new. Almost takes "character" to the table. I can't wait to try this in VR :)

Retroflair was already a must have but this one is more than a couple of notches above.

On a side note, I don't think anyone can be a fan of virtual pinball and not appreciate innovation as much as recreations. EMs only problem in FP is that they are stuck with physics of yesteryear. The innovation problem is that FP is not optimized and puts a limit on authors imagination even though BAM gave it a straw to breath for a while longer.


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@wild @Gimli @GeorgeH @shiva @polygame @ravarcade

RetroFlair 2 - new Epic Gamez mode teaser!

I'm so excited to finally announce and show off a tiny teaser video for the new Epic Gamez mode I've "started" to work on for RetroFlair 2 for Future Pinball - BAM.

This is something I've wanted to do for a LONG time. I have a LONG ways to go, as I'm just at the beginning stages.... but like the Tron mode... this will be cool!

Those who payed attention on previous videos probably suspected this may happen. :)

Video teaser is here:

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Now that the Tron mode is done, I'm now making a new Epic Games mode for RetroFlair 2. This one is based on my favorite game series...

Silent Hill

Similar to the Tron mode... I'm making this based on the Silent Hill movie. My intent is to have progression through the main events of the movie, while having the things that make the game iconic.

- foggy town
- darkness
- flashlight
- different locations (alley, school, hospital, church)
- otherworld levels (rusty, blood)
- creepy monsters
- creepy sounds
- iconic Akira Yamaoka music

I'm limited to what I can do since RetroFlair 2 is already very big, and I can only add so much before the table gets too big for FP to handle (32 bit app limitations). However I think I'll be able to add most of what I want to do.

Here is my first "teaser" announcement for the Silent Hill mode:

Sounds and Music

If there is one thing the Silent Hill series is known for, is the amazingly beautiful and disturbing sounds and music from the extremely talented Akira Yamaoka.

I bought every soundtrack I could get over the years. The number of sound files made for these games is crazy! Silent Hill 2 alone has many 100s of sound files. I'm going through ALL of them and the other games to find the sounds I need for Silent Hill mode.


While doing "research"... I decided to do some sound recordings from the games to use. I've only ever played SH2, SH3, SH4, Homecoming on my PC (which "today" is a real benefit with 4K, 60fps, Enhanced mods, etc)

Wow! Almost 20 years later, and I still have my original save game files!

Playing these now is like travelling back in time. It's awesome!


Silent Hill Textures

There's something freaky and cool about going through textures of a 20 year old game to use in a 13 year old pinball editor to be played on almost anything modern including a VR headset.

If anything, it makes me really appreciate the talent of texture artists, and how far ahead Team Silent was back then.


Monster models

I'll be adding many of the monsters from the movie / games. Most will be animated to some degree.

Straight Jacket

The "straight jacket / armless man" from the movies is tricky. I was able to extract the original model, but couldn't use the original texture as the UV wrapping info is lost with the extraction.

So with the help of a very talented VPX table author / modeler... he was able to fix up the model (half the polygons were flipped) and create a very cool looking texture to try to make it look more like the movie version (on the left). The model had a few slits in it, so he made them bloody looking, as well adding the cool bump mapped skin and veins! You can see how it will actually look in FP-BAM on the right.

The hard part will be figuring out how to animate this guy since he doesn't have "arms"...which makes using Mixamo for auto rigging and animation not possible, until I figure out another solution.


Grey Children

This is also a bit tricky because there are no detailed models to use from the original game as Silent Hill 1 was on PS1 which looks like this. :)


So I decided to find other models that I could use that were close enough, and maybe distort them to look more like the movie version. Here's what I have so far on the left compared to the movie on the right. I found a Resident Evil monster model, used Mixamo to auto-rig it into a T Pose...then used Blender to sacle the head to be bigger and twist it a bit.

Yes, I know it looks more like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 1 (when he jumped out of the lake)... but it's the best I can do unless a better option comes along. :)


...and more monsters yet to come!

Foggy Town

Silent Hill the game and movie changes from foggy to the darkness / otherworld version of the same location. I "intend" to do the same for this table. How well that will work out we'll have to see.

This is where I am at currently with the foggy town look. This will be changing as you progress throughout the game.


There is MUCH more to do and see... but like the Tron mode.... I promise you, you haven't seen anything like this in virtual pinball before!


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I'm very old in FP, what i mean by that is that i use FP without Bam.

It will take me time to understand Bam, as i will need a lot of help into; since i'm a beginner with it.

I think to maybe create an other Faxanadu X Pinball (new generation) but with Bam.

@TerryRed the youtube video of your RetroFlair 2 is totally amazing. I would like to be as good as you.

Understanding more, i could create other pdf guides with scripting infos, importing infos; this using Bam. But i'll surely need a lot of help of many peoples.



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I'm very old in FP, what i mean by that is that i use FP without Bam.

It will take me time to understand Bam, as i will need a lot of help into; since i'm a beginner with it.

I think to maybe create an other Faxanadu X Pinball (new generation) but with Bam.

@TerryRed the youtube video of your RetroFlair 2 is totally amazing. I would like to be as good as you.

Understanding more, i could create other pdf guides with scripting infos, importing infos; this using Bam. But i'll surely need a lot of help of many peoples.


Well... I learned a lot from examples of BAM features from Gimli, ravarcade, wild, GeorgeH, Steve Paradis, SLAMT1LT, etc.

It just took a long time to get to know them well. After doing a bunch of other table mods, and playing with new BAM features... I decided to finally try and do some things I always wanted to do. My own type of Tron table, and Silent Hill were two things I always wanted to do, so I figured why not add them to what I already did with RetroFlair BAM Edition (pacman, outrun,etc).

It's been one new thing to learn after another... but I could never do it without help from the community as a whole.


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Me what i have in mind is to create a character (already created) in 3d as into RetroFlair 2, that would be a faxanadu x pinball new generation character; and an other character some kind of dragon boss as faxanadu. The caracter could shoot somekind of energy toward the dragon, and the dragon could shoot some energy toward the caracter; like some fighting thing when its fighting time. And all sort of things that i could have in mind related to my pinball Faxanadu X fp game.

Thank's for your time and help.
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