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RetroFlair 2


Pinball Master
Me what i have in mind is to create a character (already created) in 3d as into RetroFlair 2, that would be a faxanadu x pinball new generation character; and an other character some kind of dragon boss as faxanadu. The caracter could shoot somekind of energy toward the dragon, and the dragon could shoot some energy toward the caracter; like some fighting thing when its fighting time. And all sort of things that i could have in mind related to my pinball Faxanadu X fp game.

Thank's for your time and help.

I had a similar idea for another Epic Gamez mode for RetroFlair 2, but it would depend on if the table won't be too big when I'm done all these other modes. :)


Pinball Wizard
Well i have modeled my face in 3d as best as i could, then i have put it onto a daz3d model. Export it from daz after with the textures, also with the bones structure. The character of the Faxanadu X so would be me. It will take me time to create the 3d model of the dragon of that old nes game. So into the battle mode my character from one point of the table, with the "life points" and "enemy points" will when some targets is hit; shoot some energy kind ball toward the dragon. When the ball hit some targets, then it would make the dragon shoot some energy toward the character; and that will make the character loose some life points.

Peoples that have played my last version of Faxanadu X pinball on Pinsimdb. I think peoples from this version have known, that the player get some items with some money points; then at some point can enter some boss battle mode. After make other money points to have other items, to reach some battle with some life points and boss energy points. But i am not sure to recreate in 3d the old nes characters of faxanadu, this because "i wonder" if the weight will slow down my old computer; brief it the table will load easy and fast?

Here is my face that i have modeled in 3d, it took me some time to do. Because of the form of the face, the nose, the mouth; and the rest. I look terrible (not quite alike) on the character. There are 3d characters of real life actors that are better made, my knowledges is much less. But at leass it's my character.



Pinball Master
Silent Hill - Nightmare Alley demo (RetroFlair 2 - Future Pinball)

Here is the first work in progress of the Silent Hill mode for my upcoming Future Pinball table RetroFlair 2.

Silent Hill is my favorite game series, and I really wanted to get to look / feel / sounds of that in this mode.

Keep in mind this is only the first part which is the Nightmare Alley opening. I didn't want to wait until the entire mode is done to show it off. That said, there is much more to come!

The movie videos are not part of the table (yet). I only added them for this demo, as PinEvent will be the very last thing to add to the table when it's done (a very long ways to go).



Pinball Master
When you are trying to animate an armless Silent Hill monster for RetroFlair 2... you need to add "fake arms" so it can be autorigged (adding a skeleton) to allow for animation. I manually added the nurse monster's arms to the armless monster. Here's how it turned out...

Ha... they may be tiny, but it works!

The arms will just use an invisible texture, so you won't even see them.



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Looks really good TerryRed! Could be interesting to make it where all the table is fogged up and you have to use audio cues (far left, far right, center) to determine things about where the ball is at. Maybe with a pop up passive bumper between the flippers (in easy mode) and your goal would be to shoot a bad creature with the ball.


Pinball Master

So.... I decided to make a major change.

Instead of having Silent Hill be a mode for RetroFlair 2, I'm now going to have it be it's own standalone table! I always wanted to do my own Silent Hill table, and given the size this would be when it's done, it makes much more sense.

  • Silent Table table is now stand alone, and can be completely "mature" in it's content
  • RF2 was at 195 MB with the Silent Hill mode "so far" (the max I can go is around 250 MB). Now Silent Hill stand alone is only around 45 MB without RF2... so lot's more freedom for animations, music, sounds, models, and content.
  • RetroFlair 2 will now have more free space for me to add another Gamez mode to it (to be announced at a later time)
  • I'm going to make Tron Legacy and Tron Classic as separate Gamez modes on RF2
  • more work to do for both tables
  • not sure which table will be finished first
  • long time before either is "done"
I'm not sure if I will change the "main" mode's layout for Silent Hill much. It will most likely retain the RF2 layout.

All updates for Silent Hill will be on this post from now on:

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