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If you have noticed, we have a another new Category here at Pinball Nirvana, a forum board and resources for front ends files. If you have been paying attention, there has been a few files loaded up for Pinball Emporium with more to come. These are the images/videos needed for a table for the frontend to use.

We will of course support Pinup Popper, especially for FP as the Baller frontend is basically on a vpx site so there will be very little support there if at all. People are more than welcome to create their own resources and can upload them up here or if they have individual image files (like logos or wheels) you can use our Media Section.

But also, one of the things we want to do here at PN is start a list of important resources from here and around the web. This is very important considering the loss of VPinball.com, and GoPinball is pretty much on it's death bed and could go any day now. So we are starting a master group of lists that point to key tutorials and guides, resources, and tutorials for not only frontends, but other very very important guides like doflinx, bam, vpx stuff and just some cool websites and videos. Actually, not "we" more like "I" as I seemed to have been volunteered for the job by someone else...

If any author who had a guide/tutorial/major resource item on vpinball or gopinball that wishes to repost it here at pn, thank you. We already have lost a lot of great stuff over the years, don't want to lose any more thank you.

Since I am doing up the list (lists actually because it's me after all) this thread is for you to help out by sharing links to guides/tutorials/youtube etc of useful and helpful resources that people can find in one place as opposed to scattered all over the damn place. We don't mind adding other websites links as well (WE don't play that game) because we feel all sites within this community have merit and value.

I have a few already, but lets do this properly and do a whole bunch, so here's a brief list...

Frontends - Pinball Emporium, Baller
BAM - guides and tutorials, weblinks etc
Other plugins - DOFlinx, pup pack, DMDext
Resources - things like models/textures/etc

Just fire in a resource link etc, I will add it to a master list, and sticky those lists to the forum pages so new (and old) members can find what they are looking for in one place.
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