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Soprano's Pic.


PN co-founder
Since I get PinGame Journal, and the latest issue had an insert of Stern's Sparano's pin, I thought I'd post it for anyone interested. Sounds and looks like they tried to cram too much stuff into it, from what I can tell.


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Pinball Wizard
Hey it plays ok - very bouncy like Elvis but it takes quite an effort to get to Boss status, I only made it to underboss on the couple of games I played. I didn't find it too busy and I'm a fan of EMs most of which could never be described as busy. There are a few shots to go for which have different rewards. Hopefully it will do ok, keep Stern going, and maybe they could look at some of the better pins created over the last 70 years and produce a classic one day.



PN co-founder
From what I read about the game, it does sound like it would be fun. I just might find out, since a friend is thinking about buying one of them. I'm of course trying to convince him to get a pair of EMs for the same money. So I should have something to play before too much longer.



PN co-founder
destruk said:
with the latest roms from Stern the machine now features 75% more swearing on adult mode too!

It's getting so I don't know when you're being serious and when you're joking, but if I ever get to play one I'll wear ear plugs just to be on the safe side.



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I think the game looks pretty cool. I think they were rather stupid to pay the Soprano's a royalty though, they could have just as easily called it Gangsters and created some original gangster artwork which would have been much more visibly attractive. I think the Stern company would be wise to pay attention to some of the people that post on pinball forums.