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Well in searching for the sound of glass on steel. I have found some sounds, none seem quite right, there are 5 short .wav files in the attached zip. Any input as to whether any of these are close would be appreciated. I shall continue.....


  • sounds.zip
    19.6 KB · Views: 265


PN co-founder
Thanks Steve

And since he's looking for me, let me explain the exact sound which has eluded me for well over a year. Since my specialty is Bagatelles, and since most were home sale items which used marbles, that's what I'm in need of. Just the simple sound if a glass mable stricking metal, such as a brad, as bagatelle nails are actually called. If that sound can be found, then my bagatelles will be even more authentic. The sound I used for Reactions is close, plastic on metal, but just enough off to bug me.



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Maybe these

Hi Guys,

I have attached a zip folder of five possible sounds....You might even be able to overlap files to creat a whole new sound.....

Anyway, I will find others if need be....There are a couple here which seem close but I'll leave that to your discretion.




  • blips.zip
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Thnks RH, I'll check these out. Even if I don't locate the exact sound I want, at least I should add nicely to my collection.

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