Stage Door Cantine (Gottlieb, 1945)

Gottlieb EM Flipperless Recreation FP Stage Door Cantine (Gottlieb, 1945) v1.0

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Jun 3, 2011
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Thanks for the table!

I notice you've added the screenshots as part of the resource download, as you've sometimes done in the past. (to the other members, this looks like example 1, below)

But it would be better if you could add the screenshots via the attach files button, as seen in example 2. (I've highlighted it in violet to make it easier to see)

This will allow someone looking at the resource page to immediately see what the table looks like before doing any downloading.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor hable conmigo.


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Many thanks for your advice. Have I done this before? I will take a look. Maybe I was so anxious by uploading this game. Thanks again.
Have I done this before? I will take a look.
Ah yes, I see this one here also needs a screenshot:

Maybe I was so anxious by uploading this game.
Yes, I understand. These modern upload systems can be a bit intimidating given all the different fields and areas to fill out. No worries. It took me a while to master this one.

@JonPurpleHaze, @StevOz,
IIRC, several of Francisco's other resource entries also have three screenshots ("center" "right" "middle") sitting in the download.

Some of them have been 'fixed' or 'partially fixed' by adding them to the main resource entry, such that users can eyeball the resource entry and immediately see the screenie instead of strangely looking for it as a download.

But even in those cases, I believe there are still screenies unnecessarily sitting in the download, which doesn't help anyone I don't think. Suggest an admin look in to that. Cheers.
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