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Williams Strato-Flite (Williams, 1974) wiring


Inserted Coin
I have had a 74 Williams strato-Flite for 25 years. I decided to replace some lightbulbs and the rubber rings since they have disintegrated. After replacing the lights for the bonus numbers, I noticed that they only come on up to 2000 and then it seems there is a short somewhere that keeps the rest from coming on.

I have the original schematics and paperwork for the machine, but I have no electrical background and can't even begin to read the thing.

Has anyone had any similar problems with their machines? Is it an easy fix, easy to pinpoint or should I try and contact someone locally that can work on it.

This is really the only problem there is and although it doesn't doesn't hinder playing the game, it would just be nice to be able to see the bonus points as you rack them up.
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