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Teed-Off (Premier, 1993) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Tee'd Off v1.01 JP 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Here it is Tee'd Off, based on the table by Gottlieb-Premier from 1993.

Thanks to:
- Fatdog for the backdrop
- Clyde for the printed manual.
- wtiger for the pictures of the original table.

I have included a nvram file in case you can't add coins or the table doesn't start when pressing 1. Just copy that nv file to your nvram directory.

Also the rom is here at PN, just look at the description of the download to find the link.

Enjoy the table!



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RE: Tee

Looks wonderful JP and plays alright, though I think Gottlieb really did drop the ball on this one, great work on the recreation all the same.



Inserted Coin
Hey JPsalas, this table looks great and seems quite difficult, but i am yet to complete a game through the ball getting stuck. It just seems to fall through places it shouldnt.

I am in now way a techy, i am just a player so i took your screenshot and marked where the ball is "falling through" and getting stuck. I have used the add a ball to try and finish a game but the second ball quite often knocks out the stuck ball and when 1 goes they both go.

Anyway, its a great looking table and i am a very thankfull admirer of your work. I always feel funny reporting bugs coz they sometimes sound like complaints, but im not complaining !!.'


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Pinball Wizard
I'll try to fix those ramps in the next version, as I wrote at the vpforums. VP balls kan fit into the smallest place. When joining a ramp and a wall it isn't always perfect, and the ball always finds its way between them.

I think I have fixed the roulette so it gives the right value. I'll test the table a little more and I'll make an update.



Pinball Wizard
I have updated (and uploaded) the table. I hope to have fixed this issues:

- wall on the left flipper
- ball getting stuck under 2 ramps
- the roulette not giving the right letter

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