VPX WIP Visual Pinball on android new mystery table in development.


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Oct 4, 2018
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Thanks to Jsm174 Visual Pinball can be played on android and ios so I'm excited about that. I will be fixing up some of my tables and working on a new better table. Now that Visual Pinball is running on other devices it is much better to develop on cross platform. I was trying to work in Android Studio but could not get physics working right this solves a lot of problems. I saw this video
a while ago and was able to run Visual Pinball. Now that its playable anywhere motivates me to make a few more games because I can play them anywhere. It may take a few months but I will post a new game eventually.

Here is a test video I did playing one table for testing. The game plays good I did have a flipper get stuck but that's probably because the app is still in development or it was just lag causing it to freeze for a short while. I seen someone make a comment "Now I can play on the toilet" :lol:


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Damn, how awesome.
If I ever get around to replacing my cracked tablet, I'll have to try this.

My modern phone is actually more powerful than my desktop I think, but even with its standard oversized footprint, it's a little too small for playing tables in a satisfying way. (I've tried with other simulations)

The issue kinda reminds me of old Nintendo magnifiers...
@Isaac Sauvage The screen is small if you play on a smartphone. I did see someone make a cabinet with a phone adapter and thought that was a neat idea I will post the video of it. LOL magnifier for gameboy if the screen is too small there is a thing called ScreenCast where you can use the phone as controller and play on your Television. Most newer tv's will work with just a cable. I just like it because I can sit on the sofa and not in front of my pc when I play.

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I think its time for a rant about "virtual pinball" here we go. There are 200 visual pinball games in my collection and 100 of them play good 100 games took up about 15 gb. but I have been going through them cleaning out unused texture files and making some of the files smaller now the 15gb takes up 7 gb. There is no need to have 8k resolution on some of these files that take up 50 to 100 mb each.

Even some of the games I have uploaded have unused and random junk files inside the games :s nobody is perfect but if you have a gaming setup you might want to have the cleanest setup without bloated games taking up your space. Then there are 100 games with bloat and with script errors bloated games just take too long to load so I am working on entire collection, I'm not going to upload any of these because some of the games were made by other people. Fixing all these will make the games load and play faster I am also going to test to see what plays better horizonal or vertical I would say that developers could try to have smartphone ready saved games in vertical mode.

I personally don't run any pup videos in the games it's fine if you do but it takes up lots of space and I prefer a clean setup. I play these games to play and not watch an entire film if I wanted to watch tv I would just watch tv. So that's the rant, if you want a clean setup you might have to clean up your files yourself you will be glad you did, you can thank me later.

horizonal.jpg vertical.jpg

If anyone is looking for some games I saw this place has many games

I have some Dollar Tree 2x Glasses. I am trying to get BlackHole to run, the play field loads but then nothing. I am just assuming it is a rom issue.

- Using a Samsung Note 10+
Oh rabbits-- so it's a SILLY GOOSE issue, like FIRE & ICE:

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