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Sep 19, 2003
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New in V3.22 (Update by PD)
(Core Changes)

- Outhole switch handling updated so it resets correctly with an F3 reset. This affects mostly Gottlieb System3 games (Thanks Racerxme for pointing this out)

- Flipper handling modified to have a low return strength setting so any balls under such flippers won't get hit hard. This allows the higher 'flipper fix' return speed without the associated hard hit issue.

(System.vbs Additions/Changes)
-Inder.vbs test switches updated (Thanks Peter)

-Bally.vbs swSoundDiag value changed to -6 (Thanks Racerxme)
Thanks for the update Dude and others. Glad you survived last night. Hope it was as much fun for you as it was for the rest of us.

Ah lowering the flipper strength on the downswing, what a good idea, now why didn't I think of that? Have to script that in for my originals to.

Thanks for the detailed update PacDude.

btw what setting do you suggest, how low to go?
I went with 0.1 strength, but it was just a quick estimate. It's not the easiest thing to test, IMO.
In my testing, I liked .01
There is some punch with .1
0 and - will crash.
.001 and the flippers will slow a great deal with a ball.
I also got balls through the backside of the flippers with some settings.
But this is from a custom core.vbs with different speed settings too, that I made a couple of mmpac updates back.

Testing is easy. Just put angled slings below the flippers.
Thanks for the info Shockman I had tried .1, which seemed OK, though I'll try .01. I have been using 0.15 for downswing speed as I found lower settings still allowed for the occasional ball through flipper, not had one yet at 0.15.
0.01 sounds like the flipper isn't even moving to me. 0.1 is about a magnitude less than the typical "up" speed I used with the same speed settings (i.e. 0.137). 0.01 would be 2 magnitudes less power, which seems a bit extreme to me. Even a spring has tension in it. The only games you'd typically run into it for real are going to be ones with extra flippers in weird places. HotDoggin' is probably the only one I've made where there might be an issue other than the occasional odd bounce or something.
Well it maybe not a problem, though I find a powerful downswing on the main lower flippers is unrealistic and on occasion does produce unrealistic effects as you say PacDude the occasional odd bounce or something. Anyhows I'm pleased with a 0.1 setting, it was the first I tried also and as you say PD, they do have some downswing strength in real life.
I was talking about strength, not speed. The flipper returns at it's set speed, just basically no power, though anything above 0 is power added to that of the swing.
.1 would work, and maybe better for the default core.vbs, with alot of tables, and I'm not asking for a change, but I just find on my table that the upper flipper could still 'squirt' balls with .1 and the elastic value with as little power as possible (above the mentioned problems) works best.

Just as the retspeed setting in the core is faster than it needs to be with alot of tables, this too could use tweeking for each table, if someone was so inclined, but any 'weaker' value is better than the upswings strength.
Thanks for update,PD.
Gonna test 'em right now. :thumright:
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