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250 cc (Inder, 1992) VP8

VP8 INDER SS Recreation 250 cc (Inder, 1992) VP8 v5.0 JP 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Inder 1992
IPD No. 4089

VPM table based on 250cc by Inder - 1992.
Need the original roms.

Thanks to:
-Destruk for making the first table, without his script I would never have figured out the right numbers for the solenoids and lights.
- Batansa and Adrián for the pictures.
- Fatdog for the backdrop.
- Inkochnitot for the Dip switch sub.

5.0 Fixed some graphics dust. Updated to the same level number as the other tables
1.0 Released 11 August 2007

Side Droptargets:
Reds: Lites Extra Ball on the upper right floor
Yellows: Lites Extra Ball on captive ball
Greens: Lites Special on the upper right floor
Left side: Lites Extra Ball on the Outlane
Right side: Open right outlane gate
Both sides: Lites Special alternate on lower side targets

Upper Droptargets
1st target: Lites X5 on the left upper lane
2nd target: Lites Extra ball on the left upper lane
3rd target: Lites Special on the left upper lane

Lanes 1-2-3
Turning off the three 1-2-3 lights lites 500.000 points
on the upper right floor and extra ball
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