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Addams Family Gold (Bally, 1992) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Addams Family Gold (Bally, 1992) VP8 v1.2

No permission to download
Version 1.2
Bally 1992
IPD No. 20

"Bear" Basic Rules

Primary Scoring Goal: Collect points mainly by completing Mansion Modes and collecting Jackpots in multiball. Complete all mansion modes to enable "Wizard" mode "Tour The Mansion" for really big points. In general, shoot at flashing shots to collect bigger points, start modes, etc.

Flippers: Use upper left flipper to shoot the side entrance to the swamp on the right of the playing field. Use upper right flipper to shoot the train wreck target, the left staircase ramp and Cousin It target (can also hint Thing ramp on extreme angle shots and banks). Lower flippers hit remaining targets.

Skill Shot: Plunge to Thing Saucer for 2 million+1

Mansion Modes: Started by shooting electric chair or swamp when enabled or by collecting bear kick ramps.

Multiball: Started by hitting bookcase until "GREED" is spelled and then locking balls in the vault (behind bookcase) or for the first multiball by landing it in the Thing Saucer or Swamp. Actually start multiball by then shooting the Vault or Electric Chair (latter only on first two multiball attempts). Collect Jackpot at the train wreck shot or Super Jackpot at the left staircase ramp. Hit the vault shot to relight jackpots.

Extra Balls: Enabled by Mansion modes and collecting bear kick ramp shots or by one of the outlanes being lit. Collected at Thing Saucer. Can also be bought using Addams Family Gold rules at end of game.

TAF/TAFG Differences:

Addams Family Gold was a commemorative edition released in 1994. It had gold colored rails, bumper camps, thing box, and bookcase along with slightly modified rules which included the ability to buy an extra ball at the end of a game, "Wednesdays' Trap Door" in the mansion modes that would lead to starting another room immedaitely thereafter, "Cousin Its Hideout" which gives random awards in different mansion rooms and the machine ejects any remaining locked balls at the end of each game, whereas the original would store them and do "swamp kickout" after locking any actual balls instead of giving you another one at the plunger.
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