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Beat The Clock (Bally, 1985) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Beat The Clock (Bally, 1985) VP8 v1.2 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Version 1.2,
Bally 1985,
IPD No. 212

Thanks to Apocalypse for doing the posts and rubbers/modelling. Thanks to Aussie34 for fixing the playfield image. Thanks to Guru for the source hi-res flyer scan.

RevHistory -
1.2 - added wall behind toppright flipper
1.1 - added backdrop by Aussie34 and fixed bumper cap images
1.0 - first public release

Rules from Flyer:
Top A-B-C-D Roll Over Lane
Doubles and triples playfield target scores!

Top & Left Side Saucers
Collects and adds valuable time to stopwatch.

Left Drop Targets
Adds points...and when all targets are hit, tallies up extra time!

Right S-T-O-P Targets
Light up all targets and stop the clock! Time stands still until ball is lost or "clock-start" rollovers are activated.

Right Multiplier Lane
Knock down drop targets to shoot ball through lane. Bonus score multipliers will advance and send ball to top of playfield.

"Play Again" Feature
Just when you thought your ball was lost... time is on your side and it returns into play!

-Short summary of game
You get 2:15 of game time per player. Multiple players take turns after each ball drains. You get an unlimited number of balls and the game ends when time runs out. Through careful accuracy you can stop the clock, add time for your game, and rack up larger scores - a definate game of skill with ball control is required to roll the score over (I haven't managed it yet). Known issues: Squak 'n Talk vpinmame emulation is not very accurate - most game speech will be unintelligible, some light colors may be wrong. This was converted without a manual - just the game flyer - so again, no idea on dipswitch settings.

(flyers & backglass:)​
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Runs better for me in VP9-908 then VP8.

By Runs better I mean the audio and video seems appropriate for VP9 and awful/muted in VP8.

But, it technically runs in VP8.

Nice table, thanks!
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